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What Crafts are Trending for 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the way we look at all the things in the outside world, it has also changed how we spend our time inside. We are spending more time indoors, so it’s natural that we’re going to start discovering more ways to be creative. Crafting is becoming a more popular pastime than ever before whether you’re a DIY rookie or experienced artist.

Based off emerging craft trends we’ve seen on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and even Tik Tok, we’ve rounded up 6 of the hottest craft trends for 2021.

DIY Mask

In many places, masks are still necessary and mandatory. They can be made at home, using cricut and heat transfer vinyl. you can create more fun and possibilities.

This is a mask that can be pulled up to cover the nose and mouth, and pulled down like a fashionable scarf. Obviously, the pandemic has driven this trend, and although the situation is improving, masks are unlikely to disappear overnight. Compared with the beginning of the pandemic, this project is on a downward trend, but for a long time to come, many people will still wear masks to best protect themselves…especially during cold and flu seasons. Search cheap htv vinyl at Google to DIY your mask.

Digital craftsmanship

Digital creation is also becoming more and more popular. From podcasting to digital editing to sharing on social networks, numbers are very prominent in 2020 and will remain so in 2021. Digital crafting involves using your computer or tablet to print or cut a design. It is as simple as printing any other document. You can create almost anything you can think of: scrapbook pages, pictures, interior decorations… Just download free SVG files from many websites and use them for your creation. If you like to cut, you can cut any shape in the blink of an eye, no matter how complicated, just by pressing a button. The machine can be equipped with different blades to suit almost all materials, from paper to wood. For this, you can use SVG “scalable vector graphics” type files, that is, you can enlarge the digital image without losing its definition. Just use your digital cutter to cut them out-it’s easy.

Tie Dye & Shibori

Tie Dye is one of the oldest dyeing techniques in the world which involves folding, twisting, and binding fabric before dropping it in dye. It’s an simple craft that doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it’s approachable for new crafters. Seasoned dyers can venture into Shibori, a more sophisticated version of tie dye. Like the Japanese dyeing method traditionally, using indigo dye and different folding patterns to produce intricate designs

Embroidery & Cross-Stitch Kits

Etsy reports that there will be a significant increase in embroidery and cross-stitch kits in 2020, and the popularity of the craft shows no signs of slowing down. Shows like Bridgerton, featuring embroidered dresses and figures involved in craftsmanship, support this trend. The screenwriters even make kits on the set. By 2021, we predict that smaller stitching projects will increase-in recent months, embroidery and cross-stitch earrings, brooches and other jewelry have all appeared online. We even see yarn and wool being incorporated into embroidery works to give them more three-dimensionality.

DIY candle kit

Being trapped at home witnessed a comeback in candle making. Whether the craftsman is buying beeswax for scrolling and decoration, or buying these new DIY candle kits, candle making is back.

Candle making is everywhere, and more people will be encouraged to try this craft trend in 2021! You may have seen bubble candles and goddess candles on social media, but we think that 2021 will bring more fashionable shaped candle molds for you to use. Candle making has also been given a sustainable advantage, using soy wax instead of bee and wood wax, so that all aspects of the candle can be recycled.

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Trends 2021 Another trend pointed out by Pinterest applies to all areas. On Google, there has been a significant increase in search volume related to the “Chinese Zodiac”. There are millions of searches for the “Zodiac” in a month. This is a competitive term, however, you can explore many market segments and apply the zodiac signs to various projects in it:

Temporary Tattoo

Wall Sticker

Labels on products such as candles and soap

Stamping jewellery

Art and any art prints can be applied to:

Coffee cup




Greeting card


We hope you like our 2021 craft trends and find the ones you want to try. Tell us which popular crafts you want to try on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Author Bio:

Susie is a DIY and craft lover. Also a blogger of HTVRONT. Htvront(https://www.htvront.com) is a craft vinyl online supplier producing high quality heat transfer vinyl, adhesive vinyl, transfer tape products, etc. Let DIY enthusiasts create their own ideas on T-shirts, cups and any indoor and outdoor projects to show their personality.

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