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A Few Things You May Be Missing In Your Home

There is no harm in adding something extra to your home. Whether it’s the sofa chair that you really liked at the furniture store in the mall or a new plant by the window. It’s always nice to spruce up the place once in a while. After all, it is your home. However, there may be certain things that we think you may be missing in your home. Doesn’t hurt to add a little something extra, right?

Ever had any smart device in your home? If you already do then you know how life gets slightly easier and convenient having them around. Smart devices are controllable through our smartphones that makes them accessible from literally anywhere.

Here are some smart devices that would fit right into your homes like some missing piece. Read below.

Voice Assistant

Voice assistants, also referred to as Smart Speakers are like the virtual assistants of your homes. Set reminders for yourselves, ask for recipes, play music from your Spotify or Apple Music playlist – there’s a lot of hands-free help that comes with these little devices.

What’s more is that Voice Assistants are compatible with smart devices; that includes anything from smart refrigerators and ovens to smart lights, thermostats, sprinklers. It also includes our smartphones and Smart TV. Want to watch Gone Girl? Just leave a voice command: “Alexa, play Gone Girl on Netflix”, or switch off the living room smart lights only with a simple “Hey Google, turn off the living room lights”.

Smart Camera

Smart cameras make it possible to always be in touch with your loved ones and pets at home while you’re away. Granted that making a phone call is also an option, but smart cameras take things to another level altogether.

View your smart camera video feed from wherever you are, straight from your smartphone. With two-way audio supported in almost all smart cameras, watch, listen and speak to whoever is at the other end of the camera. Communicate with your kids and your pets, and stay connected to your home 24/7 anytime, anywhere.

Smart Door Lock   

This one’s for security. Smart Door locks are another backup form for home security so the next time you think of what you can upgrade or change in your house, maybe get a smart lock for the front and back doors.

Smart door locks like all smart devices, can be accessed from our smartphones. Giving you keyless entry, these devices are thus tamperproof and can only be locked/unlocked using a passcode or via mobile – depends on the model of the device you purchase. Get alerts on your phone anytime the lock has been opened, and you can even unlock the device for anybody at the door, if you can’t come open it yourself, or are not home.

Surge Coverage Plan or Surge Protectors

Power surges occur on the daily and most of the time can go unnoticed, but these are what usually damage the electronics in our homes. It can be anything from lights and chargers to bigger appliances. And once damaged, it’s very costly to repair or replace electronics.

A surge protector is what you should ideally use to plug in the heavy-duty appliances to protect them from any voltage spike or a power surge. How do they work? Surge protectors normally resemble a power extension cord, except they are more expensive and with good reason. With the use of specialized circuits, surge protectors redirect electricity into the ground instead of letting the excess pass through into the device. This prevents electronics or outlets from getting damaged and allowing for only the desired level of voltage to pass through.

An alternative to this is subscribing to a Surge Coverage Plan. Instead of paying up bills in hundreds of dollars, a surge coverage plan covers the cost of repairs or replacements (if needed) for several household electronics that get damaged because of a power surge. These plans come at a very cheap price, for instance $8.99 monthly as offered by First Energy Home. It can cover anything from gaming consoles, laptops, TV sets, to refrigerators, microwaves and washing machines, including more.

Head on over to First Energy Home’s website to view more smart home devices and cheap home repair services for more ideas on all the things that you could possibly add to your home or get repaired!

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