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19 Front Door Design Ideas for Best Home Exterior Look

Druhomes.com – The front door is an important part of a house. It will secure the house from extreme weather and creates privacy. Thus, you need to determine the type of door that you need in your home. Here, we have lists of 19 Front Door Design Ideas for Best Home Exterior Look. You can choose and combine the various front door ideas that we will discuss. In addition, you can also adjust it to the various exterior concepts of the house that you create. Let us discuss!

  1. Farmhouse Door

The farmhouse design is catchy. it offers a traditional style with a soothing impression. The common color for a farmhouse door is white colors. It has various shades. For example, the ivory-white color is the best shade to paint your farmhouse door.

Farmhouse Door

Also, you can choose solid white. It creates a clean line. So, your home exterior will look interesting. Moreover, you can add some ornamental plants on the porch. It will bring a natural impression to your home exterior.

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  1. Wood Door

The wood door is a common type of door. It is useful to install in any room. Thus, you can use a wooden door to decorate your home exterior. The wood door has many benefits. It is easy to paint and recolor. So, you refinish the wood door whenever you want.

Wood Door

Moreover, the wood door is a customized decor. It can fit your favorite design, such as requesting the size, shape, and color. Also, you can add accents to the front door. Maybe you can carve the wood surface to get a traditional design. Besides, you can create a natural wood line as the door panel.

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  1. Double Doors

The double door design is a classic concept to create privacy. This door has two doors as a layering door. Some double-door designs consist of a steel door and the glass door. Other designs offer a steel door and a wooden door. So, you can open the first door if you want to see the outside.

Double Doors

Besides, this concept is one of the safest ways to your home protection. Moreover, these doors are stunning to get an interesting design. You can use a different style for every door. Thus, it will add a stunning accent to your home exterior.

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  1. Industrial Door

An Industrial door is an elegant door. It has an interesting design as the front door. Most Industrial door represents the Industrial era with steel or raw wood. Here, you will see the black Industrial door from solid wood. It looks catchy to decorate the home exterior.

Industrial Door

The Industrial door is suitable for any room. So, you can install the same door in other rooms. Then, decorate your front door with some ornamental plants. Moreover, this door will adjust any decor at every moment. It matches Christmas decor, Chinese New Year decor, and Easter decor.

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  1. Fiberglass Door

A fiberglass door is a nice choice to be your front door. It can get any variation of color. So, you can get an interesting look at wood material. Fiberglass also offers various color shades. It is even easy to repaint and get a new impression.

Fiberglass Door

Besides, a fiberglass door is a more durable door than a wood door. It has a strong texture, so it gives extra protection for your home. The fiberglass is more stunning to get an interesting decor. You can install a pair of wall lanterns on both sides. Also, this door is interesting to get any panels on the face.

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  1. Minimalist Door

Minimalist design is a simple design with neutral colors. It uses light colors and few patterns. You can adopt this design for your front door. It makes your door looks simple and clean. Also, the minimalist door won’t clutter the exterior design.

Minimalist Door

The minimalist door uses fewer patterns. The doorknob represents the minimalist style. This door doesn’t have panels or ornaments on the face. Moreover, the minimalist door is versatile. You can choose any material to create a minimalist door. There are wood, steel, and fiberglass materials.

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  1. uPVC Doors

The uPVC is an unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. This material is a safe and stable plastic. So, you can choose the uPVC door for your front door. The uPVC door is a durable decor. It will survive at least for 50 years. Moreover, this door is water-resistance and recyclable.

uPVC Doors

Thus, you can choose the uPVC door to replace the old front door. Besides, this door is cheaper than fiberglass doors and steel doors. The uPVC will save on your budget. In addition, it has various designs to adjust your style.

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  1. Steel Door

A steel door is one of the safest options. It is a strong material to give extra protection. Some steel doors have insulated foam on both sides. This material is beneficial to protect your home from extreme weather. Also, it keeps your home feeling warm on the inside.

Steel Door

This steel door has various models. It has an elegant impression to be your front door. Most steel doors have a clean line. Also, it uses dark shades that bring elegance. You can install a single steel door or double doors.

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  1. Glass Door

A glass door is beneficial door for your front door. Most glass doors use a frame. It can be an aluminum frame or a wood frame. The glass door offers a direct scenery to the outside. Thus, it will invite sunlight through the front door.

Glass Door

This door has less privacy for you. So, you can install a curtain or install a blind to shut the door view. Moreover, you need to choose a strong glass material, so it won’t crack if gets a strong push. Despite this, a glass door is a nice option for people who want exposure to sunlight.

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  1. Attractive Composite Door

The composite door is unique. It consists of several layers to create a strong door. This door has softwood cores and plastic panels on the inside and outside the door. It will strengthen the door. Commonly, people install the composite door with the uPVC outer frame.

Attractive Composite Door

Even though this door has some layers, it is as low quality as the uPVC. Despite this, both are strong enough to be the front door. It even offers numerous designs and colors. You can choose the most attractive door for your home exterior. Also, you can easily change this door if you want to remodel the design.

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  1. Classic Rustic Door

The Rustic design is catchy. It has a strong timber color. This Rustic door represents the classic impression. It emerges an old-style accent for your home exterior. The classic rustic door has various designs. You can choose the dark wood color because it brings a classic rustic impression.

Classic Rustic Door

This door is interesting for Rustic houses, Boho houses, and Industrial houses. The wood door is an instant way to get a traditional accent. All timber designs are stunning to enliven the old style. Some classic rustic doors have wood panels on the hinge face.

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  1. An Elegant Aluminum Door

The aluminum door is strong. This material offers extra protection for your home. The aluminum door can’t change shape or color. So, this door is one of the most durable doors. It even survives for years.

An Elegant Aluminum Door

This aluminum door is more expensive than the uPVC and the composite door. Also, it is a low-maintenance door. So, you don’t need to change the color too often. It will save you money in the long term. In addition, this door is stunning to install in any house. Moreover, it won’t clutter the home exterior.

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  1. Stylish Solid Hardwoods

Solid wood is a strong material. So, you can use this material to be your front door. It is an efficient material that can stay for years. Then, you don’t need to remodel the door. The strong solid wood will decorate your home exterior.

Stylish Solid Hardwoods

Moreover, solid wood has numerous shapes and colors. You can choose the most interesting design to be your external door. The solid hardwood is a nice accent for the home exterior. It looks more stunning to pair with other decors. For example, add a lantern on the wall or put ornamental plants on the porch.

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  1. Trellis Door

Trellis is a beneficial decor. It is useful to be your garden trellis or front door. This thing has an attractive latticework. You can see through the trellis. Thus, the trellis door will invite sunlight inside your house.

Trellis Door

Besides, the trellis door is more stunning to pair with a glass door or the wood door. Also, you can open another door and let the trellis door show the outdoor scenery. It looks stunning to use the decorative trellis door. There are various patterns that you can choose from. It will decorate your home exterior.

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  1. Glass and Wood Door

The glass and wood materials are interesting to be your front door. This combination will bring you to a classic style. Most glass and wood doors have a window. Despite this, you can’t open the window and just see the outside through the glass. It will let the sunlight get inside the house.

Glass and Wood Door

You can choose the blur glass material to add privacy. So, you can see someone who stands behind the door before opening it. Also, the blurry effect will keep your privacy. This door is an interesting door to remodel your front door. Also, the patterns on the glass will decorate the home exterior.

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  1. External Patio Doors

A patio is a beautiful place. You can decorate a patio with comfy furniture and catchy decor. Also, this place is identical to the outdoor impression. So, the external patio door has an open design. It uses glass material and a door frame. Then, it can get exposure sunlight.

External Patio Doors

The external patio door is stunning for a house that has a patio, veranda, or deck. It has various models, such as the folding door, hinged door, and sliding door. Also, this door has a clear door. Moreover, it has a chic design for any house. It will uplift the interior with natural light.

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  1. Wrought Iron Door

Wrought iron is a durable material. It creates a strong door. Thus, the wrought iron door will add a punchy look to your home exterior. Also, it offers good protection for your home. The wrought iron brings a sturdy impression.

Wrought Iron Door

Besides, the wrought iron door is heavier that the steel and wood door. So, it may take more effort to open the door. Despite this, the wrought iron door is a customized decor. Most people use the glass or wood details on the wrought iron door.

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  1. External Bifold Doors

The Bifold is a unique design for the door. It is a brilliant idea to simplify the large doors. So, you can shut them on one side. This door consists of wood and other materials. It looks interesting to combine with glass or iron materials.

External Bifold Doors

You can choose the glass panels for the external bifold door. It will give maximum light to your house. Also, you can customize this folding door to adjust your space. Besides, this bifold door has a wide opening. So, many people can walk through the door at the same time.

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  1. Victorian External Doors

Victorian External Door is a classic luxurious style. It uses solid wood material. The Victorian External Door is a stylish choice to create a focal point on your home exterior. This door has an optional raised molding. So, it looks more stunning.

Victorian External Doors

Moreover, this door is easy to paint and repaint. It looks stunning to decorate other rooms as well. The Victorian External Door makes an elegant impression. Even, the colored glass on this door will add interest. It will spark the light into the home’s interior and exterior.

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These are the 19 Front Door Design Ideas for Best Home Exterior Look. The front door is the first decor that people will see. Thus, the front door design is important. Besides, you need to determine the door materials. The best door has a strong and durable material. Also, it depends on your style and budget. Hopefully, you can find the best front door to redecorate your home exterior. Happy Decorating!

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