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17 Japanese Hallway Ideas for An Asian House Style

Druhomes.com – A hallway is a long way or aisle in a building. Some houses have hallways that connect every room. Most people let the hallway as it is. Besides, a hallway is a part of the interior that you can decorate beautifully. Maybe you can try a Japanese hallway interior in your house. A house can have many hallways, so let’s see the 17 Japanese Hallway Ideas for An Asian House Style below!

  1. Modern Japanese Hallway

The first idea is a Modern Japanese hallway. This decor combines modern and Japanese accents. It is a hallway to the house. Some people call it an entryway. This Japanese hallway has a concrete floor. The guests can take off their shoes in this hallway.

Modern Japanese Hallway

Moreover, this hallway has a Japanese shoe rack on a corner. It is useful to load shoes and slippers. There are some green plants on the wall shelf. You can put decorative accents on every shelf. Besides, this hallway has an eccentric chandelier on the ceiling.

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  1. Minimalist x Traditional Accents

Let’s talk about Minimalist and Traditional accents in a Japanese hallway. It is a simple hallway. The white wall paint is a base theme for this hallway. It has a beautiful interior. The deep brown sliding door is a focal point in the front hallway.

Minimalist x Traditional Accents

Besides, the traditional sliding door has some sheets with different colors. You can see this door through the glass wall. Also, there are some green plants in this hallway. Therefore, this hallway looks sweet. In addition, this hallway has extra storage on the ceiling. It is a versatile wall shelf to put your stuff.

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  1. Traditional Japanese Hallway

A traditional hallway enlivens a classic nuance. Let’s see it in this Japanese hallway. It is a small hallway to the entrance of the house. It has a blurred translucent sheet. On the outer layer, there are wooden lattice doors. The dark timber color is important to build a traditional nuance.

Traditional Japanese Hallway

Moreover, this hallway has a seating area. It is a small place with a long wooden bench. This design adopts a traditional Japanese restaurant. Besides, this hallway is more stunning with warm lights. In addition, you can add a traditional Japanese curtain on the front door.

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  1. Japanese Hallway and Modern Shoe Rack

Modern elements will match the Japanese hallway. You can add a modern shoe rack in this hallway. Look at this idea. The shoe rack connects to the wall. Therefore, it looks like a part of a wall. This shoe rack uses a white curtain. This Japanese hallway makes the best appearance with a long wooden bench.

Japanese Hallway and Modern Shoe Rack

There is a Japanese partition from a wooden lattice frame. Next to the bench, you will see a wall decor. It is an additional display to sweeten this hallway. Besides that, install warm lights to bring a traditional atmosphere. You can use two lanterns or pendant lights.

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  1. Make A Long Wooden Hallway

A long wooden hallway is identical in design to a Japanese house. This wooden hallway connects more than two rooms. It generally has long sliding doors or Shoji. This Japanese hallway is an interesting design to adopt in your house. Like the common Japanese houses, this building uses white color to pair wood elements.

Make A Long Wooden Hallway

Also, this hallway gets exposure to sunlight. The glass windows are perfect to make a sunny hallway. The window will add a fresh breeze and warm atmosphere along the hallway. Some people like to sit in the hallway and enjoy the sunny location. Besides, this hallway doesn’t have any decorative accent.

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  1. Grow Some Plants

An indoor plant is an additional accent in a room. Besides, an indoor plant offers a beautiful interior. The natural appearance can change the atmosphere. This Japanese hallway is more interesting with indoor plants. Look at this catchy hallway. There are two yellow flowers on white vases.

Grow Some Plants

This plant is an attractive accent on a grey hallway. You can replace real indoor plants with fake plants. Moreover, this hallway has a small rocky garden for the plants. The sunny wall supports this garden-like decor. Meanwhile, the main hallway is made of concrete rocky elements, so it has a sturdy finish.

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  1. Install Glass Windows

The glass window is a must-have element in a Japanese hallway. It brightens the hallway and room. Also, the window is useful to improve a traditional accent. There are windows in this Japanese hallway. The horizontal window on the wall is a nice accent along the long way.

Install Glass Windows

Another sunny accent is the front door. This wooden door has a catchy lattice design. It invites sunlight through lattices. Also, the wood materials will bring a great Japanese interior. You can install a pendant light on the ceiling.

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  1. Add Carpet

Some dwellers like to use carpets on their floors. This element is useful to make a neat design. You can see this Japanese hallway with a grey carpet. It is an entryway from the front door. The carpet covers the floor neatly. It matches the traditional Japanese interior.

Add Carpet

Moreover, this Japanese hallway has minimum decors. It has no eccentric accents. You only see one indoor plant on a corner. Also, there is a striking orange light on the ceiling. The warm lights shine on the translucent sheets on every door. This Japanese hallway will represent an old style.

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  1. Hang Traditional Lanterns

Lighting is an important element in every house. It creates a certain nuance and brightens the room. This Japanese hallway has nice traditional lanterns. This building is made of wood. Therefore, the hallway makes a long wooden way.

Hang Traditional Lanterns

This Japanese hallway has some sunny windows. Every window has a sliding door and a sliding wing. The wooden lattice frame will strengthen the Japanese accent. This hallway is stunning with bright orange lights at night. Also, you can add a long carpet to muffle the footsteps.

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  1. A Sliding Door for a Modern Japanese Hallway

Do you ever see an iconic sliding door in Japan? This sliding door has a traditional frame. It is also known as Shoji. This Japanese hallway uses a modern sliding door. It has more than one sliding door. The glass sliding door is the front door that improves brightness.

A Sliding Door for a Modern Japanese Hallway

Moreover, this Japanese hallway has a nice traditional sliding door. The second sliding door is made of wood. It enlivens a warm Japanese hallway. The soft timber color is stunning to emerge a natural nuance. Another door is a smaller door that leads to a dining room.

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  1. An Open Space Hallway

This is an exposed Japanese hallway. The main element is a glass door. The front door is inviting sunlight inside the house. It makes an exposed hallway at the entrance. This Japanese hallway is neat with a concrete floor.

An Open Space Hallway

Like a common traditional Japanese house, it has a long entrance to take off the shoes. There are few plants to sweeten the entranceway. This open space hallway brings a spacious impression to the room. You can see the whole room when walking along the hallway.

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  1. Classic Japanese Hallway

A traditional Japanese has a calming classic design. It offers a stunning hallway with traditional accents. Let’s see this idea. This hallway has two sliding doors. The first sliding door is made of a translucent sheet. Meanwhile, the second door is a wooden lattice door.

Classic Japanese Hallway

This door is an iconic accent along this hallway. It is a short hallway to the entrance way. Therefore, there are no decorations. It looks calming to let the entryway be like it is. The only accent is the lighting which builds a warm nuance.

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  1. A Sunny Hallway x Iconic Japanese Walls

A common Japanese hallway has a sunny design. It looks stunning to improve more sunlight inside a Japanese house. This Japanese hallway needs glass walls to brighten this long way. It will be a dim way if there is no glass wall. Look at this glass wall.

A Sunny Hallway x Iconic Japanese Walls

It uses a traditional Japanese lattice frame. Dark timber is best to enliven a traditional nuance. When the sun sets, you will see a sweet impression of the orange-yellow sunlight through this glass wall. This Japanese hallway is more interesting with a natural accent like an indoor plant. You can put it in the corner of a room.

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  1. Adapting A Traditional Japanese Restaurant

Let’s take a look at this Japanese hallway. It looks like the previous idea. This Japanese hallway adapts to a traditional Japanese restaurant. This building is made of wood. Therefore, this hallway is showing off the warm timber.

Adapting A Traditional Japanese Restaurant

Wood is one of the best materials for a traditional design like a Japanese house. This material will age well. Look at this Japanese hallway. The glass windows are best to improve brightness in this house. The combination of white sheets and warm timber will make a gorgeous Japanese hallway.

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  1. Transparent Doors for Spacious Impression

A Japanese house is identical to a natural design. There are natural elements in this hallway. The transparent door is an important element to brighten the room. The hallway is simple and has no decorations. It looks clean and spacious with a single bench against the wall.

Transparent Doors for Spacious Impression

This hallway has a catchy grey floor. It matches the neutral theme for this room. The white wall can bring fresh nuance to this hallway. Also, the glass window makes a great change. The sunlight will enliven the warm wood.

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  1. Put Some Functional Accents

Some people like to put furniture in their hallways. This Japanese hallway has a nice decor. It is a short way to the living room. There is a vertical mirror on the wall. It is useful to check on your appearance before going outside. Also, there are two wicker stools as additional seats.

Put Some Functional Accents

Besides, this hallway offers a simple design. There is a big indoor tree near the sunny window. This location is best to grow indoor plants. Also, the mirror will reflect sunlight and makes this hallway brighter. Ensure these elements won’t take up lots of traffic ways.

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  1. Japanese Industrial Hallway

Combining two designs will change the nuance in your hallway. This Japanese hallway is stunning with an Industrial vibe. There is a big cabinet as a shoe rack. This cabinet is functional as storage to display your collection. It is a nice entryway to remodel your hallway.

Japanese Industrial Hallway

Let’s see the timber elements in this room. There are wooden accents like the entryway, stairs, cabinet, and ceiling. Moreover, this Japanese Industrial hallway has a vertical wall mirror. Also, there are some pendant lights to enlighten this hallway.

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Thus are 17 Japanese Hallway Ideas for An Asian House Style. The Japanese hallway has natural elements like glass windows, Shoji or Japanese sliding doors, and neutral colors. Some Japanese hallway has a line of string lamps. This lighting is important to enlighten the long way. Besides it all, we hope this post will inspire you to design an attractive Japanese hallway. Good luck!

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