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19 Barn Door Ideas for Any Room: Inviting A Farmhouse Living Space

Druhomes.com – A country chic interior design is quite attractive for redecorating any room. This design is identical to wooden materials like barn doors. It can be a sliding barn door or a hinged door. Barn doors can decorate a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, storage, entryway, etc. Most barn doors are large. It has a geometrical panel on the door. The barn door is originally put on a farm. As its name, the barn door is the door of a stall or barn that contains livestock or farming things. Nowadays, you can use a barn door to decorate some rooms in your house. Here are nineteen ideas for a barn door in any room.

  1. Barn Door for Kitchen Storage

The Barn door is versatile. It has a country chic impression when you take it indoors. Look at this barn door in kitchen storage. This storage is small and has a long barn door. It looks interesting with timber patterns on the door.

Barn Door for Kitchen Storage

Moreover, this barn door has two X panels on it. The brown wooden door can take any kind of holder. Here, you can use a black door holder. Besides, you can decide whether you want a sliding door or a hinged door. If you have a narrow kitchen, it is better to use a sliding barn door.

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  1. Make A Farmhouse Entrance for Kitchen

Farmhouse design is a popular interior design. It brings a traditional impression to the house. Let’s see this idea. The barn door has a modern style but still uses a traditional sliding track. It has horizontal patterns on the surface.

Make A Farmhouse Entrance for Kitchen

It looks smooth with a pale blue color. Like a farmhouse interior, this kitchen entrance has two barn doors. The black holder is an attractive accent on that door. Moreover, this door is versatile. You can only use one door if you need a narrow entrance. Otherwise, open those doors to get a larger entrance.

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  1. A Stunning Home Office

The home office is a useful room in a house. It is a special room to do some work. If you have a home office it needs to look attractive. Take a barn door to decorate your home office. Look at this nice idea. This home office.

A Stunning Home Office

You can modify the barn door with glass elements. It helps you to improve brightness in your home office. Besides, take bright colors to get a perfect room. Here, this home office gets 2 sliding barn doors. If you need privacy you can install two curtains inside the home office.

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  1. Take the Antique Barn Door

Antique furniture brings a traditional impression. You can take antique furniture to complete your interior design. Take a look at this idea. There are antique barn doors for the kitchen. The wood materials are old and rusty. They have white casts from previous paint.

Take the Antique Barn Door

If you prefer the barn doors to look old, then don’t repaint those doors. Otherwise, it is okay to repaint those barn doors or varnish their surface. Moreover, this house has a wooden floor which makes it perfect for a traditional touch. Also, there is a black sliding track that enlivens the farmhouse style on the barn door.

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  1. Install the Modern Barn Door

A modern barn door is an interesting idea to redecorate your living room. The modern barn door has a stunning look. Look at how the shiny brown color brings an attractive impression to this living room. The glass elements also make it more interesting. Its transparent look will bring a spacious nuance.

Install the Modern Barn Door

Moreover, you must decorate the living room as well. If you want to get a classic interior then put some antique accents. Besides, you can combine classic and modern accents to fit the barn door. Here, this living room has an eccentric rug for a bit classy. Meanwhile, modern furniture will look good to put around the rug.

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  1. Classic Barn Door in Dark Color

A barn door is identical to a traditional design. The dark brown color is one of the best shades for a barn door. It has dark timber patterns that bring a natural impression. This idea will inspire you to get a perfect classic door. As a barn door, it has X panels on its surface.

Classic Barn Door in Dark Color

It brings a more traditional look to your house. Like other barn doors, it uses a sliding track. This design is more stunning if your floor is made of wood. Those natural brown woods are helpful to enliven a barn nuance. Moreover, you can add an indoor plant to decorate this area.

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  1. Coastal Farmhouse Barn Door

The coastal interior design is identical to blue-white and other neutral colors. It looks good to mix with the farmhouse design. Look at this idea. It has a nice blue-white coastal theme. Those bright colors are bright and bring a cheerful impression. The furniture is a nice support for this room.

Coastal Farmhouse Barn Door

Moreover, the barn doors will complete this farmhouse living room. It has two entrances. Every entryway gets a pair of barn doors. Like its interior, the barn doors are blue. It fits white walls and black sliding tracks. Besides, this room looks more neutral with green indoor plants.

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  1. Sliding Barn Door for Bathroom

The bathroom is a must-have room in every house. Some homeowners like to design their bathrooms with colorful accents. This idea is one of the best interior designs with a barn door. It is a unique door that brings a farmhouse impression. This bathroom combines the modern design with that farmhouse accent.

Sliding Barn Door for Bathroom

The barn door is a striking accent in this white room. It has geometrical textures on its surface. Another accent is the black door handler. You must take the black handler and slide the door to open it. That sliding door won’t take up space because you just slide it instead of swinging the door.

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  1. Combine It with Glass Panels

Glass material has become a popular accent to decorate a house. This material can be everywhere like a barn door. The barn door with glass panels is an interesting design. Maybe this idea will inspire you to get a simple barn door. The glass panels are helpful to see through that door.

Combine It with Glass Panels

Besides, this barn door has a dark brown frame. It has interesting timber patterns. That will enliven the classic impression in your room. If your living room has an entrance like this, then you can get barn doors to cover it. Moreover, you can grow indoor plants on both sides to sweeten the entrance.

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  1. Versatile Barn Door for Hallway

Some houses have hallways. It is a long corridor or way to get into another room. You can add a door to separate that hallway. A barn door is a nice idea for this purpose. There is a classic door with a farmhouse style. Moreover, you can mix the farmhouse style with another style.

Versatile Barn Door for Hallway

Take a barn door with glass panels if you need an airy impression. Also, glass material can invite sunlight into your room. Otherwise, you can use a wooden barn door. Some designs have wooden panels or textures on the door. Both designs will make a nice sliding door.

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  1. Bluish Barn Door for Laundry Room

The farmhouse interior is an attractive design for any room. It is identical to white colors. Some homeowners combine it with light blue colors. Let’s see this farmhouse laundry room. It looks bright because there are some windows.

Bluish Barn Door for Laundry Room

Also, there is a classic barn door to close that room. The white casts on that door are stunning. It brings a classic impression of an old door for years. Moreover, the eccentric navy rug is a perfect match. Once you close that barn door, you will find it more attractive.

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  1. Modern Barn Door for Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist interior design is very popular. It only uses the most useful accents. Look at this idea. The barn door has a modern minimalist style. It looks as stunning as a bathroom door.

Modern Barn Door for Minimalist Bathroom

The light grey color fits well on a white wall. That barn door even looks smooth. Also, it has vertical lines on its surface. The round wooden handler looks cute for that door. If you want to sweeten this design, then grow an indoor plant.

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  1. Old Fashioned Barn Door

An old style will bring a classic nuance. It looks interesting for a barn door. This barn door is attractive with faded white paint on it. The white paint colors the white wall. Moreover, the floor is interesting with monochrome accents.

Old Fashioned Barn Door

That barn doors are quite large. They look like a big entrance to that laundry room. The glass accents on the doors help invite sunlight. Also, there is storage with smooth green colors. It is attractive for that laundry room.

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  1. Take Bright Woods for Barn Door

Barn door is a nice accent for any room. It is identical to wooden material like this one. That room gets 2 barn doors. The bright wooden doors are stunning for this room. Both doors have glass accents to peek into another room.

Take Bright Woods for Barn Door

Besides, this room has a wooden floor. Like the barn doors, there are natural timber patterns on the floor. For styling up, you need to decorate that room with the same vibes. It looks stunning with a classic interior like having classic furniture.

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  1. Wide Barn Doors for the Dining Room

The barn door is a very useful thing. This idea will show how to make a room with barn doors. It is just a dining room in the nook. The interior design is normal with dining room furniture. Moreover, it has barn doors on two sides.

Wide Barn Doors for the Dining Room

That looks elegant in black colors. That big barn doors get glass window panels. Therefore, you can see through it. Like other barn doors, you need to slide that door to open it. This design looks perfect with another glass window on the walls.

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  1. Add Decorative Panels on Sliding Barn Doors

Barn door is a versatile door where you put any accent on it. Here, the barn door has decorative panels. It is a classic X panel for barn doors. Some X panels will bring a farmhouse impression to those doors.

Add Decorative Panels on Sliding Barn Doors

Also, it has smooth blue colors. Moreover, there are golden door handlers on those doors. This design is more interesting to fit a bright interior. That home office is quite showy with a soft white color and brown wooden floor. Moreover, it looks brighter with many windows.

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  1. Small Barn Door for Bathroom

This is another idea for the bathroom door. It uses a barn door that revives a classic nuance. Besides, it has a minimalist design with no X panels. Look at those 2 slim doors. The white barn doors fit that white bathroom.

Small Barn Door for Bathroom

The sliding track is a striking accent on that wall. The black handler will complete that design. Moreover, you can grow some indoor plants. Take a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree to decorate your barn doors. This entrance will be more stunning.

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  1. Minimalist Barn Door

A minimalist interior will fit in any room. It has a simple design with vertical lines on it. That door is stunning. The smooth green color will bring a brighter interior. Like most barn doors, it has a black handler and sliding track.

Minimalist Barn Door

Besides, the living room interior is quite interesting. The furniture has light colors and looks comfy. Also, it will be brighter if there are windows. You can install white curtains to sweeten the windows.

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  1. A Small Barn Door

Barn door has various designs. You can take the large barn door if you need a large entrance. Otherwise, the small barn door is enough to fill a small entrance. Some homeowners prefer to install small barn doors with some folds. You can choose a barn door design that fits your needs.

A Small Barn Door

Moreover, this barn door has a smooth grey color. It only has a rectangular frame without any panels. The barn door is quite simple for a small bathroom. You just need to slide that door to open and close the bathroom. Also, it won’t declutter your interior design.

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These are nineteen ideas for a barn door. That door is versatile and has various designs. You can take the most attractive design to get a classic nuance. Most of these designs can bring an old-fashioned impression. Besides, the barn door is practical and it’s like a normal sliding door. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to install a barn door at home. Good luck!

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