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20 Things to Put in Nursery Room and How to Make It Comfy For Baby

Druhomes.com – Nursery room has various designs depending on your needs. Some nursery rooms are for babies and little kids. It is a room where those kids have a space for themselves. Some homeowners also get in the room to treat their babies. Therefore, this room should contain lots of baby stuff. If you have a newborn baby or wanna decorate a nursery room, here are twenty stuff that you must have in this room. Let’s check them out!

  1. Crib

A crib is an important thing to have in a nursery room. It is a focal point in the center of that room. A crib has various styles. Some cribs are large and very economical to save your money with a baby grows up. You don’t need to change the crib to fit the baby when they grow up.


Take the most attractive crib for your nursery room. You can choose a crib that fits the interior. Besides, you can replace that crib for a few months with a bassinet. Sometimes, it is an easy way for you to treat your infant. After the baby growing up, you can use that crib.

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  1. Night light

A night light is a calming light for a nursery room. It is safe for a baby’s eyes at night. You can use the night light while changing diapers or late-night feeding. Sometimes the main light is too bright to use at night. Therefore it is safer to use a night light.

Night light

Also, many cute designs of night lights. Some night lights are useful with advanced technology. You can adjust the brightness with an app or device. Moreover, you can put a night light on a few spots if you need some. The most important spot is near a baby crib or where the baby sleeps.

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  1. Sheets and bedding

A nursery room needs comfy sheets. It makes a nice bed for the baby to sleep in the crib or bassinet. Some homeowners put blankets as well. Those comfy bedding stuff will keep the baby warm. Also, it helps the baby to get a nice sleep.

Sheets and bedding

Besides, you can choose an attractive pattern for sheets. Take a sheet that brings a cheerful impression to your baby’s crib or bassinet. If you take the bright sheet, it will help you to see when dirt and you know when to change it. Therefore, store some sheets in the cabinet in the nursery room.

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  1. Rocking chair or glider

a rocking chair or glider is a nice seat to relax in the nursery room. This seat is useful to sit with the baby as well. The rocking chair or glider will soothe the baby when they need to sleep. Therefore, ensure it gets comfy sheets and bedding stuff.

Rocking chair or glider

Moreover, the rocking chair or glider has various styles. The most common material is wooden chairs. It brings a traditional impression to the nursery room. Also, some designs have cushions. It can be a cute accent to adjust your needs.

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  1. Baby bottles

A baby bottle is one of the must-have things in the nursery room when the family must deliver the pumped milk. The milk in baby bottles is a practical way to late-night feedings. For this purpose, you can put the baby bottle on the storage or baby rack. It is easier for you to find the baby bottle when you need it.

Baby bottles

Besides, many baby bottles that you can choose from. You can find a baby bottle that fits your needs. It is okay if you have some baby bottles in that room. Moreover, put the storage or baby organizer near the crib. You can put other things like a brush to clean the baby bottle and other bottles with teats and bottle caps.

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  1. Changing table

The next thing is a changing table. It is an additional thing to complete your nursery room. A changing table is a common thing that you may need every day. Like its name, a changing table is useful to change the baby’s diaper. Besides, it is more than just a table for diaper changes.

Changing table

A changing table has various designs. There is a changing table with drawers as well. Thus, you can store diapers, wipes, and stuff that you may need. This table is beneficial for you to grab all the stuff that you need without taking your eyes off the baby.

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  1. Pacifiers

A baby needs a pacifier. It can help the baby to get calm and give a break for the mother from breastfeeding. Some homeowners put some pacifiers in the nursery room. The pacifiers also have different designs to fit the baby’s preference. Sometimes, the baby likes to use one than the others.


Sometimes, the pacifier can get lost and you need a new one. Then, you can take the pacifier from the baby organizer. Besides, put the pacifiers with other things that you need during late-night feeding. Also, always keep that stuff near the crib where you can grab it easily.

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  1. White noise machine

A white noise machine is a beneficial thing to put in the nursery room. This thing will help you to monitor the noise in your baby’s room. Also, you can leave your baby while you keep knowing the situation at night. Sometimes, a noise machine will complete a baby camera in the nursery room.

White noise machine

You can get a white noise machine from the nearest baby store. It looks stunning to put on the crib. Moreover, a noise machine looks stunning to match the interior design. If you want to match the noise machine with your nursery room, then pick the same color. Otherwise, you can take a contrast color to get a new impression.

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  1. Play mat

Play mat is an interesting element to put in a nursery room. This mat can be a space for baby, tummy time, or play toys. As a play mat, this thing is a nice element to explore the nursery room for the baby. Also, it gives a break from carrying the baby for a bit. Therefore, you can enjoy playing time with the baby.


Besides, the play mat should get a comfortable texture. If you put your baby on a play mat, ensure that you always keep your eyes on them. Sometimes, a baby likes kicking their little legs and stretching their arms. A play mat can be a different option if you want to take them out of the crib

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  1. Breast pump

A breast pump is a must-have thing in a nursery room. This is an important thing for a mother who has a newborn baby. Nowadays, many types of breast pumps are in the store. You can find battery-powered, plug-in models, or manual breast pumps. Choose the breast pump that fits your needs.

Breast pump

The breast pump is small and you can move it anywhere. If you want to keep it in the nursery room, keep it safe and clean. Some people have a handbag or organizer to save the breast pump. You can compile some breast pump stuff in one area. Thus, you can carry the breast pump kit at any time.

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  1. Changing pad

The next thing in a nursery room is a changing pad. You should store some changing pads in your nursery room. The changing pads will complete your changing table. You can buy a machine-washable model for the changing table. Otherwise, you must wipe the changing table before using it. Also, don’t open the pad if you won’t use it at the same time.

Changing pad

If you store many changing pads, you need an organizer. You can use any space to put the organizer in the nursery room. For example, you can use an empty wall and install storage there. If you need more storage, then build a wall shelf. Also, you can make a storage behind your back door.

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  1. Dresser

A baby or kid needs storage in a room. At least you must put a dresser in the nursery room. You need a space to store their clothes and keep them clean. Some baby clothes need to be put in the dresser rather than hung up. Therefore, take a small dresser that can load all their clothes in that room.


Besides, the dresser location will transform the interior design. Ensure that the dresser won’t take up much space in the nursery room. Also, you can fit it with nuance in that room. Take the wall color as the basic theme. Then, arrange the baby’s clothes in the dresser.

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  1. Diaper pail

Diaper pail is a must-have thing to put in a nursery room. It is a special trash can and is commonly put in a baby’s room. Yes, it is a place to compile the used diapers. You need not worry because the diaper pail has a unique design with a seal to prevent odors. It keeps the odors from diapers inside those cans.

Diaper pail

For styling up the nursery room, choose an attractive diaper pail. Most diaper pails have a tube shape. You can take them out of the nursery room when it is full. It is one of the important things to keep your nursery room clean. Also, ensure that you put all dirty diapers in a closed bag.

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  1. Wall art and hanging decor

The wall art and hanging decor an optional elements in a nursery room. Some homeowners put beautiful wall art to sweeten the interior. It depends on your style and how you want to build a nuance in this room. You can take the wall art that represents the baby as well. Maybe getting some hanging decor is also nice for your nursery room.

Wall art and hanging decor

Besides, wall art and hanging decor are useful for kids. They will learn and remember that wall accents. Therefore, take beneficial wall art like animal pictures, cartoons, alphabets, etc. Sometimes, it can be a medium for kids to learn earlier. Thus, ensure that you put a good wall art.

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  1. Car seat

This is a car seat. Some people need it in their nursery room. Like its name, a car seat is a seat to put a baby in a car. This seat has a special shape to make a baby feel comfortable. Before buying a car seat, you need to choose a new version with advanced features.

Car seat

Moreover, many designs for car seats that you can choose from. Take the one that fits your car too. Also, check on the texture to ensure your baby won’t get hurt. For styling up, it will look stunning to have a cat seat that fits your style.

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  1. Diapers and wipes

A diaper is an essential thing to have in a nursery room. You can store many diapers in that room, just in case you need them. The type of diaper should be soft and comfy. It should minimize leaks and blowouts either. Therefore, take those diapers for your lovely baby.

Diapers and wipes

Besides, you will need to store the wipes. Some people use products for baby wipes. Those wipes have various ingredients that fit some conditions in a baby. The main ingredient of wipes is water. It contains mild elements to wipe your baby after changing diapers.

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  1. Burp cloths

The burp cloth is a cute cloth for a baby. This small piece of cloth is useful to absorb saliva from the baby’s mouth. Most people use it for babies when they eat something. The burp cloth is useful to keep the baby’s clothes clean and dry.

Burp cloths

This thing is optional but we recommend you to put the burp cloth in a nursery room. You can put it inside the dresser. It is made of soft materials and you must keep it clean and dry. Sometimes, you need to wear burp clothes. Therefore, store some burp clothes in the dresser.

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  1. Toys

Toys are must-have things to put in a nursery room. It is a part of a daily routine for a newborn baby. Put some cute toys in the nursery room. You can play with some toys to entertain the baby. It will help you to lessen the boredom while babysitting.


When the baby grows up, you must consider the age appropriate to read some books for them. It is a nice stimulation for the baby to learn. Take a nice book for kids that you can explain to them. Those things will keep you communicating with the baby. Also, the nursery room looks more attractive.

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  1. Baby’s first clothing

Some moms like to store some clothes before giving birth. It is an excitement to welcome the baby. If you have a nursery room and are preparing to welcome a baby, then stock up on some baby clothes. Some small baby clothes are cute and interesting. So you can collect them to fill the nursery room.

Baby's first clothing

Moreover, it is interesting to show off some cute baby clothes. Maybe you can put a wall shelf with a hanger to hang up some baby clothes. It is stunning to match up the baby clothes with the vibe in your nursery room. Also, you can decorate the wall shelf with other displays like wall art.

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  1. Toy Storage

Toy storage is an important thing to put in a nursery room. It is a perfect match for toys. You must keep the nursery room clean and neat. Therefore, you must put all toys in toy storage. Also, it is a better place to find any toy.

Toy Storage

So, you can take the toys when you need them. The toy storage has various designs. You can use a transparent box or a small cabinet as toy storage. If you have a cabinet, then neatly arrange some toys. It looks better and even makes your nursery room more stunning.

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These are things that you should put in a nursery room. Many important things that you can put in the nursery room. Some things are essential for a newborn. Also, other things are beneficial for grown-up babies or kids. Besides, you can opt for some things that you may need the most. It is okay to have your style. We hope this post will help you to decide those things. Good luck and happy decorating!

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