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Brilliant Ideas to Paint An Attractive Accent in Your Living Room

Druhomes.com – An attractive accent can bring a different impression to your home, especially in the living room. Even though it is just a black note but looks catchy to decorate the white wall. You may see these accents on the polka dots wall, on the wardrobe, on the floor, and many more. The accents in these sites are attractive to play on your eyes. It creates a stunning design on a certain thing, thus you can have some accents at home to enliven the design. The living room is the main room to gather with your family members. Bring an interesting design to your living room with the painted accents. It will be more attractive to create a different ambiance in this room. For that, we will discuss Brilliant Ideas to Paint An Attractive Accent in Your Living Room. Let’s discuss them one by one!

Door Trim

The first idea that we discuss in this article for you to do in creating attractive accents in your living room is to pay attention to the door trim that you have. You can determine certain colors according to your expression and character on your door trim. In addition, you can also determine the design and pattern you want to create a beautiful and attractive living room interior for you to use for your daily activities.

  • Contrasting Color

Contrasting Color

The contrasting color is attractive to decorate your door trim. It brings a striking color to bring a different impression in your living room. If your door has a bright color, you can pick the dark color for its trim. White and black are stunning to enliven the interior design. The wall color also brings a different ambiance to the door. Thus, you can use a palette color in monochromatic to repaint more than two accents.

  • Calm Color

Calm Color

Pick a calm color to paint your door trim. Using a calm color can bring a peaceful mind. If you don’t want to make it looks striking, then soft brown will do perfectly for the door trim. Make it more stunning by considering the calm palette that you use in the living room. You can pick a soft brown color from the furniture to create a consistent theme on the door trim. Even though it looks simple but it can invigorate your plain door and bring an accent.

  • An Attractive Pattern

An Attractive Pattern

Another idea is using an attractive pattern. Do you ever see a unique pattern on the door trim? You can pick this idea to transform your door into an attractive design. Pick a painted line on its trim and use a contrasting color. This idea is useful to add accents to your living room, especially if you don’t want to add more furniture or ornaments to this room. Painting the door trim will help you create an attractive accent.

Window Trim

In addition to paying attention to the door trim that you have in your living room, you also need to pay attention to the window trim that you have. Just like door trim in the interior of your living room, you need to pay attention to the colors, designs, and patterns you use on the window trim you have. With the right concept, you can create a beautiful and comfortable living room interior.

  • The Cheerful Color

The Cheerful Color

The living room interior design brings a certain impression on the eyes. Thus, painting the window trim with a cheerful color gives an energetic atmosphere. Pick warm colors such as red, yellow, green, and orange to bring an attractive impression. You can use a soft shade to make it looks stunning.

  • Calming Blue Window Trim

Calming Blue Window Trim

Blue color has various shades that you can pick to decorate your window trim. It has a calm impression and is easy to combine with other colors. Moreover, if your wall uses the same color, then it will be a consistent theme in your living room. The calming blue makes your living room looks spacious, especially the window trim can bring natural light inside this room.

  • Clean White Color

Clean White Color

We know that white color is a perfect color to enlighten the room. This color can reflect light properly. If your window looks dull, paint your window trim in white color. It invigorates your window and makes it looks fresh. Moreover, you can choose a bright shade to optimize the reflection of natural sunlight. You can use white chevron to paint your window trim.


Baseboard is also something that can give you an attractive accent in the interior of your living room. This is because the baseboard is a small accent that you can create with a variety of colors, designs, and concepts that match your expression and character in creating your living room. Therefore, here are some brilliant ideas for you to create a baseboard as an attractive accent in your living room.

  • An Attractive Wooden Baseboard

An Attractive Wooden Baseboard

The wooden material brings a warm impression. It can be a natural accent in your living room. You can pick the wooden color to decorate your window trim. Use a deep brown color to create a classy accent. Pick the brighter shade to enliven the modern look. You can make it more striking by combining it with white walls and bright furniture. Another idea is to use a wooden sticker to cover this baseboard. It makes your wall looks higher.

  • Solid White Baseboard

Solid White Baseboard

You may often see the baseboard decor in the molding technique. Most people choose a white color to simplify the decor. The solid white creates a striking line if your floor is made of wooden material and the wall is dark. White paint is one of the money-saving paint colors because it usually has a lower price rather than other colors. Thus, you can upgrade the baseboard color if it gets dirty.

  • Painted Baseboard

Painted Baseboard

In this idea, you can use a certain color that you desire. The living room interior design has an attractive value to draw the baseboard color. The dark theme in your living room will be more dramatic with a black baseboard. You can make it more stunning by choosing shiny paint to make a glossy look. The black baseboard can reduce the dirty look on the baseboard if it gets some dirty marks.


Thus our discussion about Brilliant Ideas to Paint An Attractive Accent in Your Living Room. These are the unexpected spots to create an attractive accent. The simple line such as door trim, window trim, and baseboard are attractive to get another color. The key to painting these lines is choosing the paint based on the material it has. If your door trim is made of wood, pick the paint for wood. It is important to reduce the wrong color. Hopefully, you can upgrade your living room by repainting these spots. Even though it looks simple but it is catchy to try.

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