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Decorative Switch Plates that Don’t Overwhelm Your Space

Switch plates come in many designs, materials, and colors. But some people are so used to plain, white, plastic switch plates that the idea of anything else can seem odd. If you’re interested in trying something a bit different, but you’re worried about your decorative switch plates overwhelming a room, keep reading to get a few ideas for switch plates that are decorative without being too overpowering in their designs.

Neutral Metals

Metal switch plates might sound unusual at first, but you’ll be surprised by just how neutral their colors can be. Nickel plates with a brushed finish are one good example. These have a soft, gray hue that blends well with many different décor styles. If you want something a bit darker, rubbed bronze is another good option that keeps a neutral feeling while providing higher quality.

The key with metal switch plates is to ensure they match any other metal accents in your home; you don’t want to have copper switch plates in a kitchen with chrome accents. But so long as any metals in the room coordinate, these kinds of switch plates make a great, neutral option that upgrades a space without overwhelming it.

White Wood

Perhaps you’re concerned about a different color switch plate looking strange in your space. You can upgrade the material while keeping the color by opting for white wood. There are a few different style options out there that use white wood, but in general, this option looks best with a more rustic decorating style. The look of the plates won’t overwhelm anything else in your space, but the upgrade in material adds a nice finishing touch to your home nonetheless.

Oversized Plates

Finally, you might want to consider simply changing up the size of your wall plates. While it may sound simple, a slightly larger size helps your wall plates to stand out a bit more without being overpowering. You can purchase virtually any kind of wall plate in an oversized version in many colors and materials. So, if you decide you want to make more than one change, you can choose one of the options above and look for an oversized version of it!

These decorative switch plates can give a room a more polished look, but they won’t be overwhelming to the space’s style and other décor. So, if you’re tired of outdated, plain switch plates but you’re concerned about how new ones will coordinate, give these ones a try instead!

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