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The Benefits of Adding a Shower to Your Walk-In Tub

If you’re considering a walk-in tub for your home, there are many different features and upgrades that you’re likely looking at already. But if you haven’t already considered adding an overhead shower and turning that walk-in tub into a shower-tub combo, it’s something you should definitely think about. Adding that overhead shower makes a big difference and provides you with many benefits. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Keeping Your Options Open

The most obvious benefit here is that you’re keeping your options open in terms of bathing. While those tub features, such as the soothing hydro jets, are certainly appealing, you might not want to take a bath every single time you need to wash. Bathing in a walk-in tub takes even more time than bathing in a standard tub because you have to wait for it to fill up and empty out while you’re inside of it.

If you don’t want to dedicate that much time to your daily hygiene routine, having an overhead shower makes it easier to have a quick wash before going about your day.

Giving Your Arm a Break

Most walk-in tubs do come with a handheld sprayer attachment to make it easier to rinse your hair. (Because the seat in a tub is upright, you can’t fully submerge to rinse it out as you would in a normal tub.) Many people might think, “I don’t need an overhead shower because I can use the sprayer when I want to wash quickly.”

This might be true, but for those with reduced mobility and muscle strength, holding that sprayer up for an extended period of time can be exhausting. Your arm can become fatigued, making it difficult to wash yourself properly. An overhead shower is simply easier.

Washing with a Wound Site

What happens if you have a wound or a recent surgical site and you need to bathe? Often, these areas can’t be completely submerged in water, and if you only have a tub, washing yourself with that wound can be extremely difficult. Again, you might think of washing with just the sprayer, but this can be more difficult than you think.

Typically, it is acceptable to get these areas slightly wet in a shower, so if you have that overhead attachment, you can still easily wash yourself while properly caring for your wound or surgical site.

If you’re investing in a walk-in tub, it’s generally a good decision to improve the overall functionality and usability of that investment by adding an overhead shower to it.

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