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17 Industrial Loft House Designs That You Will Adore

Druhomes.com – Home design is an important thing for you to pay attention to in loving comfort and beauty. One of the home designs that you can choose and create creatively is the loft concept. A loft house is a big house with a spacious room. This house is like an open-plan apartment. Since this house is enormous, you can apply an Industrial interior for all the rooms. Also, this house has no partition, then you can explore the industrial design. Some furniture in this house creates more dimension than in the loft house. For more explanations, we have 17 Industrial Loft House Designs That You Will Adore. You can choose and combine various industrial loft house ideas that you want creatively. Let’s discuss it!

  1. Industrial Lofts Living Room with Beautiful Warm Lights

The lofts have many spaces to design. Even you can decorate the detail in any room. For example, the small bulb on the ceiling brings a warm impression. Thus, it looks attractive to brighten the room. Then, each room has some lights to spread the warm atmosphere.

Industrial Lofts Living Room with Beautiful Warm Lights

Moreover, the furniture in this loft determines the room’s dimension. For instance, you can choose the furniture in the old style to strengthen the Industrial design. Besides, the raw finishing in this house is catchy to protrude some textures. For example, the brick wall and concrete floor are an interesting accent to tie the look.

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  1. Industrial Chic Loft House Conversion for Clean Impression

The white wall brings a clean impression to your room. Thus, you can apply this wall paint to demonstrate the loft house. For instance, decorate your loft house with Industrial finishing like the concrete ceiling and exposed brick wall. Since the loft house commonly has multiple floors, you can apply the brick wall for the second floor.

Industrial Chic Loft House Conversion for Clean Impression

Besides, the first floor should draw the first impression by its white wall. Then, you can put the Industrial furniture on the first floor like the Industrial black chair, leather sofas, and an Industrial coffee table. To make the living room more subtle, add a decorative rug with dark color.

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  1. Metal Finishing in Your Industrial Loft to Create the Industrial Area

The loft house is a former Industrial building that turns into a modern apartment or house. Thus, you will see many Loft house has an Industrial impression. For example, the loft uses many raw materials like the wooden accent and the metal material in this building.

Metal Finishing in Your Industrial Loft to Create the Industrial Area

Moreover, the loft has dark colors to strengthen the Industrial building. Even though this house is a new building, the interior brings you back to the early Industrial era. Also, you will find many geometrical lines throughout the furniture. Besides, the ceiling design is an important spot to draw the interior.

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  1. Combining the Raw Materials to Decorate the Loft

The Industrial design elements are concrete, brick wall, metal finishing, wooden accents, and the like. This loft has most of the Industrial accents. For instance, it has exposed brick materials for the pillar and the wall. This raw finishing is important to show the Industrial design.

Combining the Raw Materials to Decorate the Loft

Furthermore, another raw material is black steel. Since this loft is spacious, some designers like to use steel for the second floor, as for the stairs and the trellis. Ahead, the furniture choices are desirable sofas with old colors like the brown and grey color. Despite this, the other areas in the loft should adjust the Industrial design to connect the open space house thoroughly.

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  1. Multiple Floors for The Efficient Loft

A loft is an enormous place. Then it offers lots of space to use. Despite this, it is good to make the loft multiple rooms. Thus, the height of the loft gives you space to create the second floor. Also, this design offers an additional room to complete the area in this loft building.

Multiple Floors for The Efficient Loft

Ahead, it doesn’t make your loft looks messy or smaller, because the open space design is doing well for multiple floors. Besides, each room has a dimensional gate to give privacy. The Industrial style in this house consists of the concrete pillar, black steel materials, an exposed ceiling, a brick wall, and the lighting on the ceiling.

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  1. An Expansive Room With An Industrial Loft Design

The loft needs some elements to make this house looks more spacious. Even though the loft is enormous, the indirect sunlight through the window makes this room wider. Thus you can use the large glass windows to cover the wall. Then, the natural sunlight will fill the room.

An Expansive Room With An Industrial Loft Design

Besides, you can decorate the furniture in this loft with the right arrangement to make it looks spacious. For example, put a big leather sofa in the center of your room. Then, add a small coffee table for the accompaniment. Furthermore, the animal skin rug brings an old style stronger. For the Industrial finishing, it looks compatible with the wooden floor and raw brick wall. Another Industrial accent in this loft is the pendant lights.

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  1. Loft Industrial Design with An Airy Atmosphere

The glass windows always bring more sunlight inside the room. Since the loft is an open space house, the indirect sunlight will brighten all the rooms. Also, the old-style furniture in the loft is interesting to reflect its original colors. Moreover, lots of glass windows add an airy impression to your loft house.

Loft Industrial Design with An Airy Atmosphere

Furthermore, this loft offers beautiful night scenery. Even the east and west-facing window have an aesthetic scenery of sunrise and sunset. Moreover, this loft is more interesting to take a rest on a comfy sofa and look outside. Thus, this loft is perfect for you to get inspiration or refresh your mind.

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  1. Semi-Private Room for Comfortable Loft Design

The multiple floors in the Industrial loft house are efficient to save space. This design uses the second floor as a private room like the bedroom and the like. Thus, some room designers like to decorate the second floor with a glass wall or a trellis. Moreover, this loft has an additional room but it looks spacious.

Semi-Private Room for Comfortable Loft Design

Also, the first floor uses a glass wall, but each door has a long curtain that is useful to get a private room. Since it is a loft house, the storage in this room is fewer. Thus, you need to consider the type of storage like wardrobes, trunks, or custom-built closets to put in a certain room.

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  1. An Open Space Kitchen to Cook Freely

The loft house offers an open space room. All rooms unite in the same room without a partition. Thus, you can decorate the Industrial loft kitchen freely. First, you can pick wooden furniture to build a rustic impression. Next, the kitchen island in this room looks old and connects to another room.

An Open Space Kitchen to Cook Freely

Since this is a kitchen in a loft house, then the dining room should accompany this design. Then, the dining room interior uses Industrial elements too. For floor finishing, this loft kitchen is natural with stone tiles. Since the Industrial loft represents the Industrial building, you can apply the concrete ceiling with exposed pipes and pendant lights.

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  1. An Enormous Loft House with Industrial Finishing and Old Furniture

Do you like old-style furniture? If you like them, you should put some of the old furniture in your loft house. For example, the loft furniture consists of a leather sofa, a wooden table with classic style, and bold colors the furniture. Moreover, this house offers lots of space to arrange that old-style furniture. First, a pair of the sofa looks impressive to put in the place.

An Enormous Loft House with Industrial Finishing and Old Furniture

Next, the additional classic seats are useful to emerge the Industrial style.  Besides, that furniture is compatible with the raw brick wall and wooden floor. All decorations are matching and gorgeous. Ahead, you can install some spotlights to enlighten the old furniture with their warm lights. Despite this, the curvy big windows are helpful to get indirect sunlight and enliven the Industrial atmosphere.

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  1. Industrial Loft House with Colorful Accents

Color choices in a loft house help you to determine the mood in your room. For example, the dark colors bring an elegant and mysterious impression, while the bright color represents a cheerful feeling. Then, both are impressive to apply in the Industrial loft house. Even you can try to take the colorful furniture for your Industrial loft house.

Industrial Loft House with Colorful Accents

For example, the soft green sofas will get attention as the center point. Then, put a natural timber-like coffee table in the living room area. Also, the other rooms can use colorful accents like the red dining chair, red wardrobe, purple sofas, and white table lamp. It is okay to decorate your Industrial loft with more colors.

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  1. Redecorate the Loft House with Industrial Warehouse Style

The loft house represents the factory building like the warehouse. Even this strange design is doing well in a loft house. Thus, you can use the brick wall for the base theme, then the steel ceiling brings the factory style more real.

Redecorate the Loft House with Industrial Warehouse Style

Since this is a warehouse style in the modern era, you can apply the neat finishing and white ceiling. To make this loft looks spacious, you don’t need any partition except the transparent glass wall. On the second floor, it is beneficial to use the glass wall with an Industrial frame.

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  1. Modern Loft in the Woods and How to Make it Elegant

Some people build their loft houses in the woods. This place provides natural scenery through the glass walls. Moreover, the transparent walls allow the sunlight gets into the room. For the interior, arrange the Industrial sofa on the living room rug. Thus, you can follow the lines to put the furniture in the living room.

Modern Loft in the Woods and How to Make it Elegant

Also, the additional seats match this room with the black colors. Like the other loft houses, this building has a second floor without a partition. Thus you can see through the rooms and outside the loft when standing on the second floor. Most of the materials on the second floor are steel, metal, and wooden elements. Those are perfect to serve you well in this loft in the woods.

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  1. All Steel Elements for The Versatile Loft House

The loft house commonly uses the same decoration to beautify the entire room. This house takes Industrial elements like steel to demonstrate the factory impression. Thus, you will see lots of steel elements in every room. For example, this element is on the wall through the bookshelf or the plant holder. Also, the steel dominates the stairs.

All Steel Elements for The Versatile Loft House

Moreover, the other Industrial elements are on the concrete wall, concrete floor, and ceiling. Also, you will the exposed ceiling with some spotlights and the black pipes will draw the decoration above the room.  Since the steel element has dark colors, you can put some small lights to create an aesthetic vision.

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  1. Full Black Tones to Design the Industrial Loft

The black colors bring an elegant feeling. These colors adjust any elements in your loft house. Thus, you can apply the black colors to demonstrate the Industrial design. For example, the black accents are impressive and cover the wall. Even it looks good on your bedroom wall. Moreover, the black color is easy to combine with the old style furniture like leather sofas.

Full Black Tones to Design the Industrial Loft

For the furniture choices, you can arrange the leather sofas on a dark grey rug. Then, add a low coffee table and three smaller bars. Ahead, the Industrial design is suitable to generate a mysterious nuance through the warm lights. In addition, this loft house is perfect to get indirect sunlight to reduce the dark atmosphere.

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  1. The Exposed Brick Wall with the Classic Decoration

Some elements in an Industrial loft house draw a classic impression. The interior adjusts the wall and the floor design. Even the brick wall is stunning to company the classic sofas and old chairs. Moreover, this loft house focuses on the window that provides indirect sunlight through the room. Then, the classic sofa looks subtle.

The Exposed Brick Wall with the Classic Decoration

Besides, the brick wall offers real textures to bring the feeling of the Industrial era. Ahead, this raw element matches the wooden floor and ceiling. Even it looks classic with the exposed pipes and supported beams on the wall. Thus, if your loft house has an exposed brick wall, you can refresh it with a classic sofa or other items.

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  1. Simple Industrial Loft House Design

The last idea you can use in creating a loft house is to create it in a simple industrial style. To create this idea, you can combine an industrial style with a minimalist style. An aesthetic industrial style will provide an attractive atmosphere in your loft house.

Simple Industrial Loft House Design

This of course will provide an enjoyable appearance for all your daily activities. In addition, a minimalist style will be a comfortable concept for you to create. You can do all your daily activities more comfortably in your loft house. You can also create layouts that make your daily activities more effective and efficient.

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Thus our discussion of 17 Industrial Loft House Designs That You Will Adore. You can creatively and impressively create the loft house you want. An Industrial loft house is a spacious place with a factory atmosphere. It adopts the design of the old Industrial building into a house. Then, you will find lots of raw materials and eccentric accents. Most of the loft house has a glass wall to provide natural sunlight. Since this place is enormous, you can apply Industrial design in every room to connect the Industrial feeling. Hopefully, those ideas are beneficial for you and help you to design the loft house. Happy decorating!

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