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19 Alocasia Plant Varieties : Attractive Big Plant to Grow in Your Home

Druhomes.com – A houseplant is an interesting object for interior design. Some houseplants also grow well outdoors. There is an Alocasia plant that grows in any environment. This plant is an attractive tropical plant with giant leaves. Some Alocasia plants can grow massively in the garden. Besides, it is stunning too, as an indoor plant. Here, we have 19 Alocasia Plant Varieties : Attractive Big Plant to Grow in Your Home. Let’s get to the lists!

  1. Polly Plant Alocasia

Alocasia has wide leaves. It has various colors, such as green, dark green, and purple green. This Polly plant is one of the Alocasia plants. It has glossy green leaves with white vines. You can see the patterns on their leaves.

Polly Plant Alocasia

The Polly plant is also known as Alocasia amazonica. It will grow well under indirect sunlight. It can grow up to 2 feet. Polly plant is the easiest Alocasia to grow and care for. The exotic-looking leaves are catchy to grow in your living room.

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  1. Tiger Taro Alocasia

The indoor plant is a stunning plant to decorate a room. It has an attractive color and appearance. This Tiger Taro plant is an interesting Alocasia plant. Tiger Taro has a similar appearance to Polly plant. Besides, it has a different shape of leaves.

Tiger Taro Alocasia

Also, this plant has darker leaves than the Polly plant. Tiger Taro is also known as Alocasia longiloba. This tropical plant thrives well in a warm place, under indirect sunlight. It is one of the most resilient species. Tiger Taro can grow up to 5 feet if it gets good maintenance.

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  1. Night-scented Lily Alocasia

Alocasia has various types. There is a muticolor Alocasia. You will love this Night-scented Lily Alocasia. it is also known as Alocasia Odora. Night-scented Lily has various colors on their leaves. It looks like an abstract painting on a green canvas. You will see the different schemes of green colors.

Night-scented Lily Alocasia

Besides, Night-scented Lily is a low maintenance plant. It can grow indoors or outdoor. Moreover, Night-scented Lily loves bright indirect sunlight. It will grow up to 8 feet if you care for it perfectly. This evergreen perennial plant is native to Asia. Thus, it can be your choice to create a tropical nuance for indoor and outdoor decor.

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  1. Pink Passion Alocasia

The giant plant has a tropical impression to grow indoors. This plant can change the nuance in your living room. Alocasia brancifolia or Pink Passion Alocasia is one of the interesting giant plants. Pink Passion Alocasia has finger-like leaves. It’s the origin of New Guinea and grows up to 24 inches tall.

Pink Passion Alocasia

Pink Passion Alocasia loves indirect to bright sunlight. These plants have vivacious green leaves with silky textures. Pink Passion Alocasia is a low-maintenance plant. It can grow with minimal water. For your notes, their leaves are toxic, so don’t let your pet chews the leaves.

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  1. Alocasia sanderiana

The tropical plant has a nice scheme of green colors. It can refresh your home and garden with a natural impression. The Mask Alocasia or Alocasia sanderiana is one of the interesting tropical plants. This plant has dark green leaves with white vines on every leaf. Mask Alocasia can grow up to 6 feet tall.

Alocasia sanderiana

Mask Alocasia loves full shade to bright sunlight. This tropical plant has dark green leaves and thin stems. It can grow like a mini tree trunk. Mask Alocasia is water resistant, but it prefers to live in moist soil. Thus, you need to water this plant regularly. in addition, change the soil nutrients with potting mix and fertilizers.

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  1. Alocasia plumbea nigra

A cute giant plant will bring a natural impression. This plant has an attractive appearance. Thus, you will love the Alocasia plumbea nigra or Nigra Alocasia. This plant has an interesting shading on its leaves. Nigra Alocasia loves partial to a full shade of sunlight. The natural sunlight helps this plant to grow its glossy green leaves.

Alocasia plumbea nigra

Furthermore, their black metallic leaves are catchy to create monochromatic patterns. The color of the stem and leaves are the same. Nigra Alocasia will grow up to 6 feet if it gets enough water and sunlight. Also, it needs a larger pot to grow under bright sunlight. This plant can grow new baby plants around the main plant. This Nigra Alocasia loves moist soil and rich soil. So, you need to hydrate this plant when it gets dry.

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  1. Miri Alocasia

The most tropical plant has green leaves. The tropical plant also needs bright indirect sunlight. Miri Alocasia is a stunning tropical plant. This plant has attractive green leaves. Their leaves are a combination of grey and green colors. If you grow this plant outdoors, it can grow up to 5 feet tall. Also, their leaves will grow bigger under adequate sunlight.

Alocasia plumbea nigra

Miri Alocasia is the origin of Borneo, Indonesia. This tropical plant is also known as Alocasia reginae. Miri Alocasia needs water when the soil is dry. The stems are growing thin and long. So, it is attractive to create a jungle-like in your home. This Alocasia variety has red hues under the leaves. Thus, Miri Alocasia can be your option to get a tropical impression in your room and garden.

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  1. Black Velvet Alocasia

Many Alocasia varieties are stunning to grow indoors. Some of them have an attractive appearance and color schemes. Let’s meet this Black Velvet Alocasia. This tropical plant is also known as ALocasia Reginula. Like other Alocasia plants, Black Velvet Alocasia loves bright indirect sunlight. It will thrive like a bush plant in a warm place with bright sunlight.

Black Velvet Alocasia

Black Velvet Alocasia is a stunning little plant. This plant won’t grow like a giant Alocasia. It only grows up to one foot in height and is 10 inches tall. Besides, Black Velvet is a cute plant to grow indoors. It has heart-shaped leaves with white veins. Meanwhile, this Black Velvet has silvery green stems. Thus, it has an interesting appearance to grow indoors.

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  1. Zebrina Alocasia

The Alocasia plant is interesting to beautify your home decor. Maybe you can thrive on this Alocasia Zebrina to decorate your living room. Alocaisa Zebrina or Brina Alocasia has zebra-like leaves. Besides, it has many nicknames because the leaves are similar to tiger and leopard. Brina Alocasia is a tropical plant. So, it requires bright indirect sunlight.

Zebrina Alocasia

Zebrina Alocasia can grow up to 3 feet tall. It has decorative leaves at the top branches. Then, you will see the attractive side of Zebrina Alocasia. Moreover, Brina Alocasia is stunning to refresh your living room. It has beige spotted patterns and stripes of dark brown colors. This exotic plant will transform your room into a jungle-like room.

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  1. Jewel Alocasia

Are you a new gardener? You should try to grow an easy-growing plant. Jewel Alocasia can be your choice to learn about gardening. This is a tropical plant with silvery green leaves. Also, you can take care of this plant with minimal maintenance. It is easy to find Jewel Alocasia. This perennial plant can grow up to 35 inches tall.

Jewel Alocasia

Like other tropical plants, Jewel Alocasia needs bright indirect sunlight. Besides, it will grow like a bush plant if you give enough soil nutrients to your Jewel Alocasia. This plant loves moist soil, so you need to check the soil every week. Then, pour adequate water and let the soil dry between the watering. If it grows healthy, the veins can turn into a purple or blue scheme.

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  1. Stingray Alocasia

Do you want to grow a unique plant? Maybe the Stingray Alocasia can be your choice. This plant has dramatic leaves, like the sting. Their leaves are wide and have skinny twisted tails. It can grow up to 7 feet tall. This Stingray Alocasia loves bright indirect sunlight.

Stingray Alocasia

This plant can grow with minimal water but prefer moist soil. Stingray Alocasia will grow healthy in well-draining soil. Also, it needs some fertilizer to stimulate its growth. Thus, make sure this plant has balanced nutrition.

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  1. Corazon Alocasia

Some Alocasia variety has dark green leaves. This color can enliven the tropical nuance in your room. Thus, we recommend Corazon Alocasia to be your houseplant. It is an Alocasia variety with attractive green colors. You will love the blue metallic leaves and thin stems. The shinny-bluish leaves are stunning to decorate a room.

Corazon Alocasia

Moreover, Corazon Alocasia tolerates partial sunlight. It will grow up to 15 feet tall. This Corazon Alocasia will maintain three leaves, but it can grow like a bush in a good environment. Besides, this is a low-maintenance plant. As long as it gets enough water and sunlight, this Corazon Alocasia will grow healthy and bring diversity to your home and garden.

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  1. Giant Taro Alocasia

The Alocasia plant is identical to a giant plant. Alocasia has wide leaves and long tender stems. Thus, you must ever see this Giant Taro Alocasia. It is a variety of Alocasia that can grow up to 15 feet tall. Giant Taro Alocasia loves bright indirect sunlight. Their giant leaves are stunning to add a jungle look to your garden.

Giant Taro Alocasia

Also, the Giant Taro plant has leaves with pointy heart shapes. Their leaves droop down like a natural tropical plant. Some people like to grow this plant indoors to create a shady spot. Besides, it is a low-maintenance plant. It only requires adequate water and sunlight to keep them healthy. Thus, this Alocasia variety is a stunning tropical plant to add to your room.

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  1. Black Magic Alocasia

Most tropical plants are sunlight lovers. Thus, the tropical plant will grow healthy in bright sunlight. Also, they have green leaves that always require sunlight for photosynthesis. Thus, let’s see this Black Magic Alocasia. It is a tropical plant that loves partial to bright sunlight. It has dark leaves with purplish-green schemes. Besides, their leaves are almost dark green with a shinny appearance.

Black Magic Alocasia

Black Magic is a small plant. If you grow them indoors, they grow up to 22 inches tall. This plant has thick green veins and pointed leaves. Besides, Black Magic Alocasia tolerates low light conditions, but it prefers a bright place with a warm temperature. Black Magic Alocasia can grow like a small bush with big and long leaves.

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  1. Green Velvet Alocasia

Green Velvet Alocasia is one of the striking Alocasia varieties. This plant has a velvet appearance that looks attractive to add a natural accent to your room. Green Velvet Alocasia has green-shaded leaves and cream veins. This tropical plant will catch your attention in your room. Besides, it can grow indoors and outdoor. Green Velvet Alocasia can grow up to 3 feet tall if it gets enough sunlight and water.

Green Velvet Alocasia

Moreover, Green Velvet Alocasia is a low-maintenance plant. If it gets enough water and sunlight, Green Velvet Alocasia will grow like a Giant Taro Alocasia. Their pointy leaves will grow bigger and the tender stems will grow long and wispy. Thus, it can be a spacious plant in your room. You can add this plant to your gardening list and get a jungle-like impression.

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  1. Hooded Dwarf Alocasia

There are Alocasia with small appearances. This cute Alocasia is a Hooded Dwarf variety. It has small pointy leaves. Hooded Dwarf Alocasia will grow up to 3 feet tall if you care for it perfectly. It loves indirect sunlight. This plant is also known as Alocasia cucullata. It is a unique plant that will sprout in the garden every time. Thus, you can choose this plant to grow indoors if you want to plant it in any season.

Hooded Dwarf Alocasia

Hooded Dwarf Alocasia has different sizes of leaves. Sometimes, people use this plant to decorate a sacred places like Buddhist temples. Thus, this tropical plant is attractive to grow as an indoor plant. You can grow the baby plant in your living room. Then, it will grow mature with its beautiful shiny leaves.

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  1. Dragon Scale Alocasia

Dragon Scale Alocasia is also known as Alocasia bagindas. Like other Alocasia, it is a tender perennial plant. Dragon Scale Alocasia loves bright sunlight if you grow them outdoors. Meanwhile, this plant requires bright indirect sunlight if you grow it indoors. This Alocasia variety can grow up to 3 feet tall. It can bring a tropical nuance with its giant leaves.

Dragon Scale Alocasia

Moreover, Dragon Scale Alocasia requires high humidity and moist soil. Thus, make sure that it gets enough water. You can check the top soil before watering this plant. Sometimes, people put this plant in the bathroom, where it gets adequate humidity. In addition, you can arrange some pebbles on the topsoil to prevent dehydration.

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  1. Alocasia Rugosa

Most Alocasia plants are tender perennial plants. For example, this Alocasia Rugosa is a tender perennial plant. It thrives well under partial to bright sunlight. This variety can grow up to 2 feet tall. Alocasia Rugosa requires enough water, soil nutrients, and sunlight. This plant prefers an outdoor environment but is also good to grow indoors.

Alocasia Rugosa

Alocasia Rugosa has striking leaves. Their leaves are dark green with oval shapes. It has thick and stocky stems. Thus, this plant has a sturdy appearance. You can take this plant to decorate your living room or grow it on the porch. In addition, it doesn’t need special maintenance because this plant can grow well in a hard environment.

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  1. Red Secret Alocasia

The appearance of indoor plants can transform the impression in your room. It can bring a natural atmosphere. Thus, you should see this tropical plant. The Red secret Alocasia can bring a natural impression to your living room. The light green leaves and dark green accents are stunning to decorate your room.

Red Secret Alocasia

Red secret or Alocasia cuprea has a unique color scheme. It loves bright indirect sunlight. The red secret is a slow grower plant. It can grow only a few centimeters during the growing season.  Besides, Red secret Alocasia is an attractive choice to add a dramatic look to your living room.

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Thus our discussion of 19 Alocasia Plant Varieties: Attractive Big Plant to Grow in Your Home. The red secret Alocasia is the last discussion in this article. Alocasia plant is an interesting plant. Most Alocasia plants can grow like giant plants. It has a tender stem and wide leaves. We see some Alocasia plants are colorful. In addition, the green Alocasia has a tropical and jungle-like impression. This plant is a low-maintenance plant that you can grow indoors and outdoors. Hopefully, this article can inspire you to grow Alocasia plants in your home. Happy gardening!

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