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Top 5 Types of Blinds In Trend In Australia

Rather than decorating windows in the home with curtains, many Australians are instead opting for blinds to add style and elegance to their windows, while still providing the practicality they need. Blinds are chic and modern and can really add a touch of class to your home’s decor.

With blinds being so popular, you might want to consider installing blinds in your home. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the types of blinds that are currently trending in Australia.

#1 – Honeycomb Blinds

If you want to improve the aesthetics of a room with a choice of vibrant colours to match your decor, then honeycomb blinds are tough to beat. Not only do these blinds look modern and very attractive, but they also possess some very practical features as well.

To begin with, you can choose opaque blockout honeycomb blinds that are perfect for bedrooms. In other rooms in the home, you can opt for the translucent variety, which allows some light into the room without compromising your privacy.

Honeycomb blinds contain small air pockets within the structure of the blind, providing a barrier of insulation for temperature control, as well as reducing outside noise.

#2 – Vertical Blinds

The vertical variety of blinds is quite possibly the most common blinds you see in Aussie homes. Vertical blinds are yet another type of practical and timeless design and are very popular for homeowners and rental properties alike. They can be made to fit any size window and are also used for sliding glass doors.

These blinds can be fully opened and closed using a chain system, as well as having the ability to open the louvres while the blinds are drawn shut. You can adjust the angle to let in light and fresh air, while also maintaining your privacy.

These blinds are so popular because of their versatility and the fact that they offer a rather simple sophistication that never goes out of fashion. Durable, practical and long-lasting, these blinds are hard to beat. They are also cost-effective as well.

#3 – Roller Blinds

Modern, stylish and practicality all rolled into one stunning style of blind. As the name suggests, these blinds are mounted on rollers, where the blinds are rolled up and down at your discretion. They come in many fashion colours and materials, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect match for your needs and your home’s decor.

Roller blinds can be operated manually using a chain, or you can even get ones that are motorised and operated by remote control. This makes them perfect for the bedroom. You can open and close the blinds at will without even having to get out of bed.

If you’re after something extremely modern and sophisticated, then these blinds might be the right choice for you.

#4 – Panel Glides

Panel glide blinds are a stylish and versatile shading solution for large windows, bi-fold doors, or even sliding doors for balconies and patios. Compared to curtains and other styles of blinds, panel glides offer a very contemporary look and are extremely modern. The panels are generally quite wide for maximum coverage and they are also interchangeable, so you can use a variety of colours and styles over a period of time.

Panel glide blinds are super easy to operate. Each panel neatly slides behind the next panel, so they take up very little space when opened. You can even use panel glides to section off areas of the home to provide privacy.

#5 – Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are another trending and very popular style of blind in Australia and they’ve proven to be a staple of Aussie homes for many years now.

They can be raised and lowered and the horizontal louvres can be opened or angled to let in light and fresh air, whilst also maintaining privacy. These days, there are numerous colours and styles to choose from, making it very easy to mix and match the right Venetian blinds to your home’s colour scheme and decor.

The Takeaway

So, there you have it, 5 types of blinds that are currently trending in Australian homes. View examples online and chat with your supplier to determine the right choice of blinds for you.

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