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Metal Roofing and Noise Reduction: Myths and Facts

If you look hard enough, there is a myth for nearly any topic that exists. Surprisingly, even metal roofing has its fair share of misconceptions. Despite the numerous advantages of metal roofing, noise is one of the main concerns. Some people believe that metal roofs are extremely loud, while on the other hand, others think that they offer superior soundproofing.

So what’s the truth? The answer is – it depends.

Let’s look at some common myths and facts about metal roofing and noise reduction.

Other Myths Surrounding Metal Roofing

Another common myth is that metal roofs are prone to rust and corrosion. While this may be true for certain types of metal roofing, modern metal roofs are usually coated with protective materials that make them resistant to weather conditions and corrosion.

Then some say they aren’t environmentally friendly. Again, this is a misconception. Metal roofing can be made with recycled materials and are also energy efficient.

Another myth about metal roofs is that they attract lightning. This is false,  as metal roofing offers no more attraction to lightning than any other roofing material.

There are also misconceptions that metal roofs aren’t durable and come in limited styles and colors. This is untrue, as modern metal roofs can be custom-made to fit any home aesthetic and come in various colors, finishes, and designs.

Nonetheless, we will be focusing on the noise-reduction capabilities of metal roofs.

Facts About Metal Roofs and Noise Reduction

So, let’s look at the facts:

Metal roofs are great for noise reduction, as they are an effective barrier against sound. They also help keep your home cooler, as metal reflects more heat than other materials. This reduces the amount of ambient noise from outside, helping keep your home more peaceful and quiet.

Metal roofs also come in different thicknesses, which affects their noise reduction capabilities. The thicker the metal roofing, the better it will be at blocking sound.

Are Metal Roofs Noisy?

Oftentimes, people mistakenly assume that metal roofs are extremely loud during rain or hailstorms. While certain styles and profiles of metal roofing may produce a lot of noise in some situations, most modern designs are no more audible than any other type of roof. In fact, some metal roofs are quieter.  Some studies indicate that metal roofs are actually quieter than asphalt shingle roofs.

Despite all this, there is still a population out there who enjoy hearing the pitter-patter of rainfall on their home’s rooftop. Luckily for them (and you!), metal roofs can be easily constructed to make as much noise as desired.

Said that, let’s dive a little deeper into how you can make your roof doesn’t make unnecessary noise:

Structure/Roof Deck

Some structural metal roofs, like the corrugated exposed fastener type, typically found in barns and other agricultural structures, are installed directly over open framing or span long distances by attaching to the frame or purlins. This can amplify sounds from raindrops or hail. This occurs because there is a lack of a buffer between the metal roof panels and the elements, causing sound waves to reverberate overly.

Therefore, for a noise-free metal roof installation, it is essential to ensure that the decking material, such as sheathing or insulation, and the roof deck are firmly installed. This will muffle all sounds from rain hitting your roof and minimize the noise level inside your home.

Limiting Thermal Movement

Metals expand and contract with changing temperatures. This effect is known as a thermal movement. This can cause metal roofs to creak and groan when temperatures fluctuate. You can face noise issues if you impede your metal roofing expansion and contraction. A practical way to remedy this issue is by using a flexible sealant at the joints or fasteners so that thermal movements don’t reverberate down the panels, producing unnecessary noise.


Insulation can effectively reduce the noise associated with metal roofing. Metal roof installations with substantial insulation are known to dramatically reduce the noise of rain and hailstorms.

Metal roofing Insulations can be installed above or below the roof deck and between beams, purlins, or other open-frame structures.

In addition, using sound-dampening materials and techniques such as a reflective layer of blended polypropylene will not only help keep your roof quiet and reduce energy costs. Plus, it also offers moisture protection.

Metal Roofing Installer’s Expertise And Knowledge

If you’d like to guarantee your roof won’t generate any additional noise, hiring an experienced and skilled contractor with specialized knowledge in metal roof installations is the way to go.

If you’re a Toronto, Mississauga, London, or Brampton resident looking for an expert metal roof installation and service provider, look no further than London Eco-Metal. At London Eco-Metal, we specialize in providing complete solutions for all your metal roofing needs.

With over a decade of experience with residential and commercial roofing, they know to help you find the perfect solution for your needs while giving 100% assurance that your roof is installed properly and won’t produce any unnecessary noise. Check out their website to read more about their services and how London Eco-Metal can help you!

To summarize, metal roof noise does not have to be an issue. With the correct techniques and materials, you can ensure that your metal roof is soundproof so that you will remain undisturbed no matter how noisy it gets outside from rain or hail storms.

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