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18 Ornaments for Christmas Tree Decoration: Enliven Your Beautiful Moments

Druhomes.com – Christmas is one of the special moments in the year. Many people celebrate Christmas with their loved ones at home. A Christmas tree is a must-have thing to celebrate this special moment with family. People can decorate their Christmas tree with various ornaments to put on. Decorating a Christmas tree with family is a precious moment at this time. Here are ornaments that you can put on your Christmas tree. Let us discuss 18 Ornaments for Christmas Tree Decoration: Enliven Your Beautiful Moments!

  1. Wreath

A wreath is a common ornament on Christmas Eve. This ornament has various designs, colors, and materials. You can make it from natural sources like flowers, stalks, leaves, and string plants. It is a round decorative thing to put on the Christmas tree. A wreath is beautiful in various sizes.


A wreath can be a base before taking other ornaments on your Christmas tree. Moreover, a Christmas wreath is more stunning to put on the front door. Most people decorate Wrath with red things to symbolize Christmas Eve. Therefore, it is okay to add small ornaments like small bells, snowmen, and marbles.

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  1. Macrame

Macrame is a beautiful thing to decorate your Christmas tree. It uses a knotting technique to make various Macrame ornaments. You can find the best knot ideas for creating Macrame ornaments. Then, you can hang it on the Christmas tree. It is more interesting if you have multiple Macrame ornaments to put on every side of your tree.


Before making a Macrame ornament, you need several things for preparation. There are Macrame cords, scissors, wood beads, white twine, and wood rings. The basic to make a Macrame ornament is by tying the Macrame cord in a wood ring or metal thing. The Macrame will cover up the ring with knots.

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  1. Candy

Candy is one of the most attractive and beneficial things to add to your Christmas tree. This thing is a real candy that you can eat on Christmas Eve. It is easy to make Candy ornaments for your Christmas tree. Prepare your favorite small Christmas candies, if you want to reform the candies by baking them.


Arrange these small candies in a cookie cutter with cooking spray. Preheat oven to 350F, then bake the candies on the sheet and put inside the oven. The candies will melt and you will see the reform into its cookie cutter. After that, remove the candies when they melt together. You can add the candy to your Christmas tree by making a hole while they melt.

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  1. Wood Bead

Wood Bead is a popular ornament for Christmas trees. This thing is easy to make. The basic thing to make a Wood Bead is stringing beads together. Maybe, you need hot glue to tie the beads tightly. Most Wood Beads are stunning to hang on every side of a Christmas tree.

Wood Bead

You can try to add this ornament by making it yourself. A Wood Bead is perfect for a Rustic and Farmhouse style. It looks attractive to add natural accents to the tree. Also, you can use them as the gift tags for your guests. If you need a striking accent, then paint the Wood Bead with colorful paints.

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  1. Snowman

Snowman is a cute figure that you need to put on the Christmas tree. This ornament is made of various materials. It is one of the charming decorations that represent the Christmas moment in the winter season. Making a Snowman can be an attractive activity.


You can add a Snowman to your Christmas tree by purchasing it in the store or making a DIY Snowman. It will bring a twinkle to your eyes. Moreover, Snowman figures come in different styles and shapes. Then, take a Snowman figure that catches your attention.

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  1. Paper

Paper can be very useful for Christmas tree decorations. You can make many origami from paper for decorating the Christmas tree. It will elevate your Christmas tree in any shape and color. There are a bunch of Paper ornaments that you can adapt. For example, cutting the paper with a certain figure like a snowflake, snowman, and other Christmas symbols is simple.


Besides, you can have many Paper ornaments because it is a cheap decoration. Also, you can make a DIY paper decor at home with your family. Moreover, it is more interesting to write some Christmas wishes on every paper. You can draw some figures as well. This Paper ornament will be your favorite thing to put on the Christmas tree.

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  1. Clothespin

Clothespin is useful to make a beautiful Christmas tree. You can take the reusable Clothespins from the washing room. This idea needs Clothespins without the springs. Therefore, it is cheaper if you can use the unused Clothespins. If you don’t have unused Clothespins, you can use some Clothespins and remove the spring mechanism.


This idea is a bit difficult to adopt. The common idea is making a snowflake from some Clothespins. You can stick some Clothespins with glue or a cord. Besides, you can hang the original Clothespins on your Christmas tree. It is useful to hold some Christmas wishes on paper.

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  1. Cookie Cutter

A Cookie Cutter is one of homie’s things to put on a Christmas tree. This ornament is made of metal materials. Cookie Cutter has various shapes and forms. Therefore, you can take the most attractive Cookie Cutters for your Christmas tree. Then, add a string or cord to hang the Cookie Cutter on the Christmas tree.

Cookie Cutter

Besides, you make a unique design for every Cookie Cutter. Take a piece of paper and cut it to fit the Cookie Cutter. Therefore, your Cookie Cutter will get an attractive background. Moreover, you can use photographs to decorate your Cookie Cutters. This ornament is beneficial if you want to show off some pictures in a creative way.

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  1. Snowflake

Snowflake is a popular symbol for Christmas. This special day is identical to the winter seasons in some regions. Therefore, Snowflake ornament is quite familiar for decorating a Christmas tree. This ornament is simple and resembles a natural Snowflake. Most Snowflake ornaments are white.


Besides, you can put another color like red or a combination of white and red. On a special Christmas day, a Snowflake ornament will bring a winter-like atmosphere. There are many materials to make Snowflake ornaments. You can add glitter for your Snowflake ornaments to make a real effect.

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  1. String Art

String Art is an elegant ornament for a Christmas tree. Some people take more time to make a String Art. This ornament is artistic and needs a skill to tie the strings. Besides, you can try to make a simple sketch for your first String Art. You need strings, tiny nails, and a piece of wood.

String Art

First, sketch on the wood. Then, stick the nails to follow the lines. In this step, you need to take a distance for every nail. After that, tie the strings to connect the nails. It will make an attractive design once you finish it.

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  1. Tassel

Tassel is a famous ornament for many decorations. You can find this ornament on the curtain, macrame, and bedsheet. In this idea, Tassel is interested in decorating a Christmas tree. This adorable thing will enliven your Christmas tree decoration with its cuteness.


The pompom and rosette are attractive points for this ornament. Tassel is easy to make at home. You need some cords and beads. Besides, tassels can be your alternative things to replace some ornaments. Also, you can add Tassel to complete other ornaments like a paper and snowman ornament.

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  1. Cardboard

Cardboard is another ornament for decorating a Christmas tree. You can replace the paper ornament with a Cardboard ornament. Both are made of paper. Besides, you can use Cardboard in case you have lots of them at home. Then, make useful of Cardboard by drawing some sketches before cutting them.


Then, add a hole in the Cardboard ornament to hang them on the Christmas tree. Moreover, this ornament is easy to decorate. For example, make a snowman figure by a Cardboard, then add a ribbon on its neck. This ornament is cost less than other ornaments.

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  1. Lantern

Lantern is a common thing to enliven a special day. You can light some Lanterns on your Christmas tree. It is a nice idea to put some lanterns under the tree. It will enlighten the area and bring a warm atmosphere on Christmas Eve. Therefore, pick the Lantern and put them in the best position to warm some angles.


Besides, you can use Lantern ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. It can be a light Lantern or faux Lantern. Many types of lanterns that you can use. Some Lanterns are made of clear glass or metal. This ornament will be your lovely thing on the Christmas tree.

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  1. Metallic Marble

Metallic Marble is a must-have ornament for a Christmas tree. It is made of marble with a sparkling effect. This ornament is creatively crafted from glass and iron. The traditional shape is spherical marble. Therefore, Metallic Marble is interesting to put on several points on your Christmas tree.

Metallic Marble

Besides, Metallic Marble has an adorable appearance. It adds an elegant accent to the Christmas tree. Get a stunning decoration on your Christmas tree by hanging some Metallic Marbles. Moreover, Metallic Marble has various materials like acrylic and granite stone to spark the light.

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  1. Mason Jar Lid

Mason Jar Lid is one of the DIY ornaments for a Christmas tree. It makes an interesting accent for decoration. Mason Jar Lid will be a lovely ornament that brings a rustic look. This ornament is easy to design. You can make it like the wreath ornaments.

Mason Jar Lid

It is much easier to use faux greenery, pompom, and pipe cleaner. The Mason Jar Lid will complete your Christmas tree decoration. This ornament is more alive to put near the glossing accents like marble balls or lanterns. Therefore, it is okay to have 2-3 Mason Jar Lids in one spot.

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  1. Salt Dough

Salt Dough is an interesting experiment for making ornaments. You can add it as a decorative thing for a Christmas tree. If you want to make it, prepare the salt dough, acrylic paint, craft varnish, and tootpick. First, make the dough by adding flour, salt, and acrylic paint.

Salt Dough

Then, bake the dough in the cookie cutter. Don’t forget to put a toothpick to make a hole. Once they get cooked, take them out. After that, add the varnish to cover the hard salt dough. The one thing to pick on note is you can’t eat this salt dough. This thing is only for ornaments on Christmas Eve.

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  1. Woodburned

Woodburned is one creative way to make Christmas ornaments. It needs a burner and safety equipment before you try it at home. The things that you need are a nice piece of wood, a burner, gloves to protect your hand, and a sketcher. It is better to start sketching on the lighter woods.


Sweetgum and Oak are perfect woods for Woodburned ornaments. If you want a natural timber pattern, then choose Oak woods. Then, draw the sketch and redraw it with wooden paints. After that, burn the patterns by using a burner. Be careful when using it. You can spark some water after the burning process is done.

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  1. Faux Succulent

Faux Succulent is a natural ornament that brings a desert accent. Many designs of Faux Succulent that you can choose for your Christmas tree. For example, cactus, spider plant, Echeveria, etc. These ornamental plants are stunning to complete your Christmas tree decoration. You can simply put them in a transparent plastic container.

Faux Succulent

It is stunning to resemble these succulents in one pot. You can have some pot of Faux Succulents in certain spots. Moreover, choose the colorful Faux Succulent to add pop-up accents. Faux Succulent will bring a fresh impression to your Christmas tree. Also, it will represent your interest in gardening if you are a fan of succulents.

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These are eighteen ornaments for a Christmas tree. It is a nice idea to decorate the Christmas tree on a special day. You can make some ornaments at home with your family. Making the DIY ornaments will capture the beautiful moments together. Moreover, you can decorate the Christmas tree with your family and find the best design. This special moment is important to get the most attractive Christmas tree. Hopefully, this article is useful for you to decorate your Christmas tree. We wish you a merry Christmas!

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