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How to Design A Christmas Fireplace: Bring A Memorable Design at Home

Druhomes.com – A fireplace is one of the popular ideas for Christmas Eve. Many people make a fake fireplace to get a more Christmas atmosphere. The fireplace is identical to the winter season when Christmas comes. It is made of concrete, brick, stone, or metal. Like its name, a fireplace contains fire to heat the room during cool weather. Therefore, most people love to use a fireplace and decorate it to bring Christmas happiness. Here are 20 ideas and how to design a stunning fireplace for Christmas.

  1. Add Ball and Red Ornaments

The Christmas balls are common decorations to bring a merry Christmas vibe. It looks interesting to gather the Christmas balls and other ornaments to decorate a fireplace. There are red ornaments like ribbons, artificial flowers, and red-white candles. Moreover, look at how these ornaments are put on the fireplace.

Add Ball and Red Ornaments

The big wreath takes the center point above the fireplace. Besides, the surrounding of this fireplace gets natural leave accents and red ribbons. You can make a pattern like tying a ball and a red faux flower. Then, put a distance to put the same ornaments. Be consistent and always put a big ribbon as the center point.

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  1. Golden Accents Around Your Fireplace

Golden is a color that can bring a luxurious impression. All the ornaments that you used to see are changing into gold things. It is nice to enliven your fireplace at Christmas. Also, you don’t need to think about colorful accents to put there, just simple golden accents. It looks stunning to decorate green conifer leaves.

Golden Accents Around Your Fireplace

Like the common design, the green leafy strings are interesting to put on the mantel down to the frame. It will cover the fireplace frame and make it more live. Moreover, you can put more golden accents on the mantel. Look at the golden candles that pop up in orange-yellow colors. It matches the golden wreath on the wall.

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  1. Add Some Mini Christmas Trees on the Mantel

A fireplace can be an attractive point. Some guests will pay attention to the fireplace as they seek warmth. Therefore, try to make your fireplace more interesting by adding ornaments. You can display some mini conifer trees to bring the Christmas atmosphere. Have some different colors to get a nature-like impression.

Add Some Mini Christmas Trees on the Mantel

Besides, it is more beneficial to put nice words too. You can add a frame that contains motivational words. This frame can replace other ornaments like wreaths and candles. Moreover, add conifer leaves to the mantel. It is a must-have accent to make the Christmas atmosphere better.

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  1. Add An LED TV Above the Fireplace Mantel

Some people add an LED TV above their fireplace. The TV can fill the space so you don’t need to decorate the wall. This design is a simple design for people who want fewer decorations on the fireplace. Therefore, this fireplace decor only has a conifer string to decorate its frame.

Add An LED TV Above the Fireplace Mantel

Moreover, this fireplace has a deep fire pit, so the fire won’t harm you while taking a fireplace. If you have a manual fireplace, put some firewood on the hearth. Use a container to keep the firewood. The hearth can be an alternative space if you want to put ornaments.

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  1. What About Displaying Some Gifts

Christmas is a special moment to share happiness. Most people celebrate it by giving gifts. Here, you can some gift decorations on the hearth of the fireplace. Put the inflammable gifts that are a bit far from the fire pit. It is stunning if you have striking gifts to give contrast to the fireplace.

What About Displaying Some Gifts

Red is always a nice choice to bring Christmas vibes. Besides, you can add other accents to complete this design. Maybe having some candles will enliven a warm nuance on the hearth. Besides, you can use candles in the fire pit rather than make real flames.

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  1. Big Ribbons Will Pop-up Your Fireplace Design

A red ribbon is one of the Christmas ornaments. It enlivens the nuance of its striking red colors. Therefore, you must have some red ribbons on your fireplace for Christmas. Try to make a nice design by having some red ribbons at a certain spot. It is important to make a pattern for this design.

Big Ribbons Will Pop-up Your Fireplace Design

Look at this idea. You will see red ribbons on every corner of the fireplace. Moreover, it is interesting to add other ornaments like Christmas deer and Christmas gifts in front of the fireplace. You can add a screen and metal door to protect the surroundings. Then, add some ornaments to the fireplace mantel.

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  1. Let’s Add Some Twinkle Lights

The fireplace can bring warmth into your room. You can add a metal fireplace as the fire pit. This idea is simple if you don’t want to rebuild your fireplace. For styling up, you can add string lights to make twinkle accents around the fireplace. Tying the string lights and conifer leaves, then make a beautiful line.

Let's Add Some Twinkle Lights

Besides, it is more stunning to have some candles on the mantel. It brings a warm impression around your fireplace. In addition, put a simple candle on the hearth of the fireplace. Also, have some firewood in this place, in case you need to get warm for a whole night.

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  1. Put A Santa Decor on The Mantel

Santa Claus is one of the Christmas icons. You can display a Santa figure or a Santa photograph on the fireplace. This idea is interesting to bring up the Christmas vibes. You can stick the Santa figure in the mirror. It is stunning to have it in 3D so it looks more alive.

Put A Santa Decor on The Mantel

Besides, add Christmas decorations on the mantel. You can tie various leaves and ornaments by using ribbons. It looks attractive to use pompoms as striking accents. Then, make a simple pattern by separating them in a few inches. For styling up, put some firewood on the hearth and add ribbons if you want to decorate it.

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  1. Enlighten up with Candles

The fireplace is interesting to have some lights. It can be string lights or candles. This idea has striking accents with candles on the mantel and hearth. These candles replace the flames in that fire pit. It can be an alternative idea if you prefer the visual design.

Enlighten up with Candles

You can use real candles with flames or electric candles. Besides, the different colors of candles will spark a unique ambiance. Look at the decorations around the fireplace. There are common green lines with string leaves and flowers. Also, a big natural wreath decorates the space on the wall.

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  1. Show off Your Cute Conifer

Many conifer trees that you can use for decorations. You may find conifers like Spruce, Pine, and Balsam Fir. These trees are beautiful to be your Christmas tree at home. Besides, if you don’t get a real tree, it is okay to take an artificial tree. Also, you can get some artificial small conifer trees.

Show off Your Cute Conifer

Look at this conifer tree, it looks cute in a brown bag. This faux tree is stunning to sweeten the fireplace decoration. Then, add some Christmas gifts to complete the surroundings of that tree. Besides, don’t forget to always use a screen for the fireplace. It is safe for you not to burn or harm other decorations.

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  1. Make Your Beautiful Wreath by Plants

The wreath is an identical thing for Christmas Eve. People make their wreaths at home by taking plants. Firstly, you need a round frame like a metal string. Then, wrap the string with plants, leaves, flowers, and pine fruits. This idea uses the faux wreath.

Make Your Beautiful Wreath by Plants

Besides, the string plants are interesting to make a natural decoration. For example, English Ivy is interested in making a Christmas wreath. You can display it on the fireplace mantel. Moreover, you can hang the wreath on the wall or the front door.

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  1. Hanging Christmas Socks

Christmas socks are common things to enliven the holy Christmas day. It has various designs and colors to decorate the fireplace. Look at this design. There are three pairs of Christmas socks on the fireplace. This fireplace brings warmth with flames in that fire pit.

Hanging Christmas Socks

The Christmas sock is a symbol of the winter season and you need warm socks on your feet. Therefore, you can display those socks under the fireplace mantel. Besides, this fireplace is quite attractive with decoration on the mantel like green leaves. Moreover, the red brick fireplace is already nice. It is okay to put a little decor.

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  1. Add A Safety Screen before Your Firebox

A safety screen is a must-have thing for a fireplace. It protects you from the splashing flames from the firepit. Also, it keeps the surroundings of the fireplace clean for keeping the ashes and dust inside the firepit. Before installing a safety screen, ensure that you find a strong screen.

Add A Safety Screen before Your Firebox

The screen should allow to share heat but not messing around. Besides, add some decorations to make your fireplace more stunning. There are green leaves, pines, and flowers on top of the fireplace. Also, add some candles on the mantel to sweeten the decoration. In addition, put a big mirror on the wall to make a spacious impression.

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  1. Let’s Make A Winter Story Decor

Christmas Eve is about having a beautiful story. Here, you can make a miniature Christmas atmosphere with ornaments. This idea has a nice Christmas tree. The ornaments on a Christmas tree connect to the fireplace mantel. There are green leaves on the fireplace, along with sparkling string lights.

Let's Make A Winter Story Decor

For this Christmas decor is interesting to add some small figures as well. There are Santa figures with their charts full of gifts. Moreover, this fireplace has some candles on the mantel to add a warm ambiance. In addition, you can hang a round mirror on the wall to fill the blank space. Make it in a balanced decor by having golden and green accents in the same place.

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  1. Back to The Farmhouse Design

Let’s talk about Farmhouse design for a Christmas fireplace. It will bring you to the country lifestyle during Christmas. Look at this design, this is how the Farmhouse fireplace enlightens the room beautifully. The ornaments around it are identical to the monochrome accents. The white dots on black fabric, black-red fabric, and all country styles are on the Christmas tree.

Back to The Farmhouse Design

The same patterns are on the fireplace mantel. It looks interesting to add green leaves along the decorative line. Also, hang two pairs of Christmas socks on the mantel. Adding a motivational word is helpful to complete a Farmhouse design for the fireplace. It is probably an old style but interesting to try.

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  1. Keep It Clean with A Screen Door

A safety screen is a popular accent to keep your fireplace clean. Many designs of fireplace screens. Some of them are made of strong glass or metal. If you want to keep your room clean, take the glass screen. Otherwise, if you want a traditional ambiance then choose the metal screen that allows flames to out.

Keep It Clean with A Screen Door

Both are beneficial to heat your room. You can copy this idea if you desire a clean fireplace with constant heat. The dark screen will dim the flame colors and still heat your room. For styling up, put red flowers on both sides. Also, add a green line on the mantel and give string lights.

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  1. Festive Christmas Design on The Mantel

The mantel is the top part of a fireplace. It is a useful spot for putting up Christmas decorations. Here are festive ornaments on a fireplace mantel. For example, put marble balls, flowers, leaves, red ribbons, Christmas deer figures, and candles. These ornaments are striking for light-colored fireplaces.

Festive Christmas Design on The Mantel

Moreover, make the same decor to sweeten the hearth and the wall. There is a striking wreath that decorates a wall above the fireplace. These ornaments make some perfect points on your fireplace. Also, add a big mirror on the wall for a spacious impression.

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  1. Add a Mirror for Reflecting Lights

Having a mirror on the wall can bring a spacious impression. This is how you decorate a fireplace by putting a mirror above the fireplace. It can reflect the interior design as well. This idea has two big mirrors on the wall. It fills the blank space perfectly.

Add a Mirror for Reflecting Lights

Besides, this fireplace has a common design like having a leafy accent on the mantel. It is made of conifer leaves with colorful balls along the line. In addition, put some Christmas tree figures to strengthen the Christmas vibes. You can put more ornaments on the hearth like a small pillow and mini figures.

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  1. Firewoods and Dried Pine Fruits Are Attractive

Firewoods and pines are useful to symbolize Christmas Eve. You need the firewood to light your fireplace traditionally. Also, the best firewood will create durable flames throughout the night. You can store some firewood near the fireplace. The woods are stunning to represent the natural accent in this room.

Firewoods and Dried Pine Fruits Are Attractive

Also, add some dried pines to your fireplace. This accent is interesting to enliven Christmas Eve. You can store the pines in the same container. Moreover, add decoration on the fireplace mantel by creating a leafy string with decorations. Hanging some socks will help you to draw a memorable Christmas Eve.

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  1. Create A Cute Small City on The Mantel

This is a miniature of a small city on the fireplace. Even though it is just a random design, these small figures represent the moment during Christmas. You can copy this idea to decorate your fireplace. There are small white houses that resemble houses covered by snow.

Create A Cute Small City on The Mantel

Also, the small conifer leaves are stunning to put outside that house. Add tiny lights to enliven the Christmas vibes in your small city. Then, add a white wreath above that city. This decoration will bring a new accent to your fireplace.

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These are twenty ideas for how to decorate a Christmas fireplace. The ornaments are easy to find in many stores. You can try a certain design to guide you in decorating your fireplace. Also, be sure that your fireplace is clean and ready to design. Add a safety screen if it is necessary for your fireplace. Most people enjoy a fireplace with a metal screen and feel the heat from flames. It is a beneficial place to gather with family during Christmas. Therefore, we hope you get the best design for a beautiful fireplace. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

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