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18 Vertical Garden Ideas: Grow More Plants in Less Space

Druhomes.com – Garden is a natural decor for exterior and interior design. You can make it by adding a trellis or wall shelves. Then, you can hang some plants on every pot along the trellis. Also, arranging the plants on the wall shelves is the easiest way to elevate a vertical garden. Therefore, you need a lot of plants to make an interesting vertical garden. The more you grow plants, the more it looks natural like a mini jungle. Here are eighteen ideas for vertical gardens that you can try at home. Read on the lists below!

  1. Vertical Garden for Dining Room

The first idea is a vertical garden in the dining room. It brings a fresh impression to your room. The green leaves will invigorate the wall areas. Look at this idea. The dining table is more interesting with a vertical wall as a natural background.

Vertical Garden for Dining Room

There are ornamental plants that fill the walls. You can start designing the vertical garden first. Then, start thriving an easy-growing plant in every place. It will add a breath of fresh air after growing mature. You can let some walls bare. The grey empty walls help strike out the vertical gardens.

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  1. Decorate A Small Patio with A Vertical Garden

A patio is an outdoor place on the upstairs. You can enjoy the view from a patio. In this idea, you will see many small plants. There are vegetables and ornamental plants that try to grow. The plants bring an aesthetic design to this patio.

Decorate A Small Patio with A Vertical Garden

You can make use of one wall to create a vertical garden. Meanwhile, another wall is beneficial for putting furniture like a sofa, pillows, and a coffee table. The patio is a perfect place to grow these plants. They will get enough sunlight and rainwater. Moreover, it is an alternative garden for people who live in urban areas and have no garden.

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  1. Growing Succulents as An Aesthetic Garden

Succulents are easy to grow outdoors. Many succulents offer beautiful appearances. Look at this idea. There are various succulents like Echeveria, Dracaena, string succulents, and other small ones. The gardener arranges these plants on every line that classifies them.

Growing Succulents as An Aesthetic Garden

You can put the bright sun succulents on the sunny spots. Meanwhile, the partial shade to low light succulents in the shadier places. The need for sunlight will help you to determine the succulents to grow. Moreover, it is more interesting to have string succulents between them. Then, let it grow strings down the vertical garden.

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  1. Make A Jungle with Tropical Plants

Tropical plants bring a jungle-look impression. Many tropical plants that you can choose to complete the vertical garden. This idea will inspire you to grow many tropical plants. These plants tie together very well. There are Alocasia, Peperomia, some ferns, and other tiny tropical plants.

Make A Jungle with Tropical Plants

It looks so dense but is quite attractive to transform your exterior or interior design. Moreover, it helps you to keep all plants in the same area while watering them. Besides, it can be an alternative to grow plants if you don’t have enough gardens. Also, you can see the vertical garden to germinate some seeds. Then, replant these plants once they grow mature.

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  1. Get Some Ferns as Eccentric Accents

Ferns will grow well in moist temperatures. They love high humidity to grow massively. Ferns are quite adaptive because these plants can grow in hot to cool places. Some ferns are getting dry in the summer seasons but will return in the late fall to winter seasons. Here, you can grow ferns to create a vertical garden.

Get Some Ferns as Eccentric Accents

First, determine the ferns that you want to grow. Then, draw a simple design before starting to decorate the vertical frame. There are Ostrich ferns, Boston ferns, Maidenhair ferns and Japanese painted ferns. You can grow these ferns to sweeten the vertical garden. Once they grow well, then watering them regularly because they prefer moist condition.

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  1. What about Growing Some Ornamental Grass

Japanese ornamental grass is unique. It has a similar look to bamboo leaves. The striking sword-like leaves are stunning. You can grow other colorful plants. It looks interesting if you can grow plants with red, purple, white, and various green shades.

What about Growing Some Ornamental Grass

This vertical garden is aesthetic to put in a sunny place. You can make it indoors or outdoors as it gets enough sunlight. Look at this idea. There is an interesting small area on the bottom. It contains a few plants with green ground cover. You can copy this vertical garden to make a living vertical garden.

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  1. Taking Light Ferns Indoors

Every plant has a different need for sun exposure. If you want to create a vertical garden, then pick the plants with the same needs of sunlight. For example, you can grow ferns with low light needs. It will grow well indoors or outdoors in partial shade.

Taking Light Ferns Indoors

This vertical garden is one of the low-light fern gardens. It makes a simple garden with some ferns. The Staghorn ferns are eye-catching when growing mature. Their giant appearance will dominate the vertical garden. Moreover, you can grow tiny plants to sweeten the Staghorn ferns.

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  1. Elevate Your Exterior with Dracaena

Dracaena is a hardy plant. It tolerates poor soil and hard conditions. Therefore, you can grow Dracaena as your vertical garden plant. This idea uses Dracaena to enliven the vertical garden design. It has various types that you can grow together in this place.

Elevate Your Exterior with Dracaena

Moreover, this vertical garden looks so dense. It brings a tropical atmosphere. You may feel a little jungle impression of this idea. Before growing these plants, prepare the best soil to grow them on the wall shelves. Also, always water them once the soil gets dry.

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  1. Add A Decorative Vertical Garden in the Living Room

The living room is one of high high-traffic rooms. Many people do activities in this room like welcoming guests and gathering with family. Therefore, styling up this room will refresh the atmosphere. Maybe you can try to create a vertical garden with lots of plants.

Add A Decorative Vertical Garden in the Living Room

This idea is versatile. You can grow the real plants or arrange the faux plants. The best one is growing the plants. This idea will show how green leaves make the interior feel natural. There are ornamental foliage like Peperomia and Hosta. Then, try this idea to elevate your living room.

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  1. Growing Green Perennial on the Balcony

The balcony is a sunny place. It is ideal for growing plants on the balcony. Therefore, take your bright light plants into the balcony. Then, create a vertical garden to save on space. It looks simple with a small vertical garden.

Growing Green Perennial on the Balcony

Furthermore, you will get an eye-catching garden without taking up space. One of the best plants for a sunny area is Pothos and Scindapsus. Pothos has a bunch of varieties to complete your vertical garden. Look at this idea. The green vertical garden will decorate the wall beautifully.

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  1. Thrive More String Plants

The vertical garden is stunning to get some string plants. You can design a vertical garden by hanging some pots vertically. Then, grow string plants in every pot. They will grow well like a natural green line. Many string plants can grow massively and bring a jungle-like impression.

Thrive More String Plants

This vertical garden has many Pothos plants. These plants grow best in bright sunlight. Therefore, you will see it grow massively on the balcony. Besides, it can be a bit difficult to grow Pothos in the early growing. Don’t worry, once they grow well you will get massive string leaves.

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  1. Let’s Make A Living Wall Decor

A living wall is an invigorated design. You can make a living wall by creating a vertical garden. The more you grow plants, the more it looks alive. You will feel a jungle-like impression with a refreshing view. This idea decorates the stairs wall.

Let's Make A Living Wall Decor

It can be difficult for a new gardener. Therefore, you need professional help to get this design. There are small plants with different colors and shapes. Otherwise, you can purchase a decorative wall with plants. This vertical garden will enliven your stairs.

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  1. Make A Vertical Garden for Calatheas and Prayer Plants

The ornamental foliages are attractive to create a natural ornate design. This vertical garden is quite dense to enliven the interior. There are Calathea varieties that dominate the vertical garden. It looks stunning to show off their beautiful leaves.

Make A Vertical Garden for Calatheas and Prayer Plants

Meanwhile, there are prayer-plants on the top and bottom. It is quite popular for an ornamental plant lover. These plants require bright sunlight to partial shade. Also, every plant needs adequate water. They will grow well in rich and well-draining soil.

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  1. Circling The Columns

Column is a nice object to grow some plants. You can make a vertical garden by decorating the column. It is stunning to grow many plants around the column. You can use a trellis or add plant shelves. Then, put your plants to fill the gap.

Circling The Columns

It looks interesting to have various plants. The different colors and shapes will elevate your room. You can copy this idea to decorate a column in the busy area at your home. There are Prayer plants, Pothos, Scindapsus, English Ivy, and other string plants. It is okay to grow any plant that you desire in this room.

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  1. Growing Full Pothos Plants for Kitchen

The kitchen is an important room to have in every home. Many gardeners grow plants in the kitchen. Let’s see this idea, you will love to see the green accent on the column. There are massive growing Golden Pothos. Plants are easy to grow indoors and in low lights.

Growing Full Pothos Plants for Kitchen

This vertical garden only takes one side of the wall. It brings a tropical accent to this room. The string leaves of Pothos will fill the wall. This green wall is an interesting background to take some photos. Besides, these plants will keep growing well as long as they get enough water.

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  1. Create A Green Accent in the Entrance

A vertical garden can enliven the entrance. You can create a vertical garden on the porch or near the front yard or back yard door. It give a refreshing accent for your house. There are plants with dark green leaves, string plants, and ferns. This vertical garden gets enough sunlight to help growing the plants.

Create A Green Accent in the Entrance

Moreover, the green plants are stunning to catch the attention. Before you take this idea into your house, you need to determine the vertical garden design. This idea has a little square for soil and water drops on the bottom. Therefore, it keeps your floor clean. You can care for these plants without messing up your room.

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  1. Add Sun Lover Plants on the Balcony Wall

The balcony wall is an ideal place to get fresh air and sunlight. Therefore, many gardeners design a vertical garden on the balcony wall. There are sunny plants that grow well in this area. You can use a wall on your balcony where it gets direct sunlight.

Add Sun Lover Plants on the Balcony Wall

Besides, determine some plants to grow in this place. Grow some plants with different colors and shapes. It is more interesting if you can make a nice landscape that differ every plant. Look at this idea. The gardener draws an interesting growing plants based on the colors.

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  1. Use A Trellis and Many Pots on Wall Shelves

The vertical garden needs a good preparation. Before creating a vertical garden, determine to use a trellis and many pots. The trellis is useful for hanging pots that contain plants. It creates a simple vertical garden. The easiest way to create a vertical garden is by hanging small pots like this idea.

Use A Trellis and Many Pots on Wall Shelves

There are various plants like Arrow plants, Peperomia, and string plants. It is interesting to have tiny plants like string turtle plants. These plants grow well on every shelf. Therefore, you can rearrange it once these plants grow massively. They may need to change the position due to the need of sunlight.

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These are vertical garden ideas for elevating your house. The key to creating a vertical garden is growing many plants. It helps you to get a jungle-like design. Some plants may grow massively along the year. Therefore, they will fill the wall and make a nice vertical garden. Besides, you can create a vertical garden on the column, living room wall, stairs wall, and dining room. These plants will keep growing well as long as they get enough nutrients. We hope this post will help you to design the best vertical garden. Keep growing plants at home and happy gardening!

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