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18 Best Hanging Succulent Ideas for Your Stunning Window Sill

Druhomes.com – Succulent is a very popular type of plant. It has many varieties of different plants. Succulents have thick and fleshy parts as the place to save water. They store water in their fleshy stems so they will survive hard conditions. Most succulents live well in bright direct sunlight. Also, it can be your favorite houseplant indoors or outdoors. Here are succulents that look stunning to grow in hanging pots. Read on the 18 Best Hanging Succulent Ideas for Your Stunning Window Sill!

  1. Little Missy Sedum

Little Missy Sedum or Sedum ‘Little Missy’ is an attractive succulent. It has rosette leaves that round up along the string. The rosette leaves are grey-green. The mature ones will grow pale pink and green edges. This succulent is interesting to grow in a hanging pot.

Little Missy Sedum

Little Missy Sedum is easy to care for. It grows well in well-draining soil. As a succulent, Little Missy Sedum loves bright direct sunlight. This drought-tolerant plant can survive the hardest conditions during summer. Some gardeners grow Little Missy Sedum as a xeriscaping plant.

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  1. Trailing Jade

Trailing Jade is another version of the Jade plant. It is also known as Kleinia petraea. This succulent has egg-shaped and green shades. The overlapping leaves make it stunning. Their green leaves will get purple hints during the winter season or other cool seasons.

Trailing Jade

This plant grows better in bright indirect sunlight. Most Trailing Jade will tolerate shady areas. If you want to get more stretch, add succulent fertilizer. Just put a half amount of fertilizer for Trailing Jade. It needs more water during the first growing and well-draining soil.

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  1. String of Hearts

String of Hearts is quite popular as a string succulent. It has a botanical name Ceropegia woodii. String of Hearts are identical to the heart-shaped leaves. It is very iconic and you will notice it directly at first sight. This plant grows vines up to 12 inches long.

String of Hearts

This succulent looks beautiful to grow in a hanging pot near the window sill. It requires bright direct sunlight. Therefore, the window sill is the best place to grow String of Hearts. This plant needs regular watering in the spring and summer season. Let the soil absorb water thoroughly before the next watering.

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  1. String of Buttons

A string of Buttons or Crassula perforata will decorate your house. This plant has plump blue-green leaves that always look fresh. The rose-pink edges on leaves will come during their growth. This succulent is pretty-looking so you can grow it near the window sill for an accent.

String of Buttons

String of Buttons is easy to care for. It needs more water during the dry seasons. Therefore you can check the soil before pouring water. Also, String of Buttons prefer bright direct sunlight to grow well. The south-facing window is beneficial to grow String of Buttons.

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  1. String of Bananas

A string of Bananas or Curio radicans is a cute variety. The little green vines grow tiny Banana-shaped leaves. You will see the Banana leaves once they grow mature. This succulent is suitable as a hanging plant. You can grow it in a pot and put it on a south-facing window or balcony.

String of Bananas

As a part of succulents, String of Bananas loves full sun. It requires well-draining and sandy soil. The best soil to grow a String of Bananas is acidic and neutral soil. This succulent will bloom in the spring season. You will see beautiful white and light pink flowers in their blooming time.

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  1. Baby Sun Rose

Baby Sun Rose or Aptenia is a beautiful rosette succulent. This succulent is also known as Heartleaf Iceplant. It offers pale green leaves with white edges. There are pink, white, and red flowers that will bloom in spring. Therefore it is better to water Baby Sun Rose regularly.

Baby Sun Rose

This plant is low maintenance. It grows well in well-draining soil like sandy and loamy soil. Also, it is okay to grow Baby Sun Rose in rich soil. As a succulent, Baby Sun Rose tolerates drought conditions. Besides that, it will be better to provide enough water for Baby Sun Rose throughout the year.

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  1. Rat Tail Cactus

Rat Tail Cactus or Disocactus flagelliformis is a beautiful cactus. It resembles the rat tail and that’s how it comes to the name. Rat Tail Cactus are quite thick and their fleshy stems are thorny. There are at least 8-10 ribs for every plant. Their red-yellow spines are stunning to decorate your house.

Rat Tail Cactus

Since it is a succulent, the Rat Tail Cactus loves full sun. The window sill will be the best place to grow it indoors. If you want to grow it in a hanging pot, then pick the big pot. Rat Tail Cactus will spread faster in bright sunlight. Also, it loves well-draining soil and adequate water as well.

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  1. Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone Cactus or Epiphyllum anguliger is a unique plant. You will love the zig-zag and the way it grows long. The stems will go down like other string plants. Therefore, it will be interesting to grow Fishbone Cactus in a hanging pot. Then, put them on your window sill or simply hang them over the window frame.

Fishbone Cactus

This succulent can grow up to 6 feet tall and 3 feet long. It loves partial to bright sunlight. You can grow this plant in loamy soil, moist, and well-draining soil. Besides that, the Fishbone Cactus will bloom white and yellow flowers in the late summer and fall seasons.

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  1. String of Pearls

String of Pearls are infamous string succulent. It is also known as Curio rowleyanus. This plant is identical to its pearls-shaped leaves. Most gardeners grow a String of Pearls as a hanging plant in a pot. Their green pearl leaves will run down the pot and make a beautiful appearance.

String of Pearls

String of Pearls thrive well in temperatures 70-85°F as an indoor plant. Otherwise, it tolerates full sun when growing outdoors. This string plant is interesting to complete your indoor or outdoor decor. For the best growing, you must water it regularly when the topsoil is dry.

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  1. Hindu Rope Plant

Hindu Rope Plant or Hoya carnosa compacta will bring a new image to your room. It has stunning leaves on its vines. They look ravishing to grow in a hanging pot. The deep green leaves will bring a natural accent to your house. Some gardeners bring it indoors near the window sill or balcony.

Hindu Rope Plant

Hindu Rope Plant is easy to care for. It loves bright indirect sunlight. Most of them grow well in well-draining soil like potting mix and perlite. Like other plants, it requires more water during the first growing. Sometimes you need to prune their vines in the spring.

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  1. Ruby Necklace

Ruby Necklace or Othonna capensis is quite showy to grow indoors. It grows tiny red-purple stems. Their bright green plum leaves are stunning to decorate your house. This succulent is unique because the shades of leaves will turn ruby red in full sun. Therefore, grow this plant on a window sill or balcony with full sun.

Ruby Necklace

This plant loves constant sunlight every morning. You can turn the pot to let all plants get sunlight. Moreover, the Ruby Necklace needs regular watering. It is drought-resistant but prefers to get moist soil. Always check on the topsoil before watering this plant.

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  1. Little Pickles

Little Pickles or Othonna capensis will complete your succulent collections. This plant is stunning to grow in hanging baskets. The oval-shaped leaves will attract attention to this plant. It has red-purple stems that are quite showy when you put it near window sill. Like other succulents, it loves full sun.

Little Pickles

Little Pickles requires at least 4 hours of sunlight every day. It is better to grow it in a bright place. Moreover, this succulent requires well-draining soil and can’t stand in wet soil. Therefore, you need to pick a pot with good drainage holes. Then, add well-draining materials for the soil.

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  1. Mezoo Trailing Red

Mezoo Trailing Red is a beautiful variety. It grows daisy-like flowers in the spring season. You will like to see it bloom many flowers. This beautiful succulent is also known as Dorotheanthus bellidiformis. Mezoo Trailing Red brings light green leaves to decorate your house.

Mezoo Trailing Red

This succulent grows well in dry soil. It requires enough water every three days. For the best growth, take Mezoo Trailing Red into a bright place. This plant loves full sun and tolerates partial shade. Also, their long trails need regular pruning if you want to control their growth.

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  1. Elephant Bush

Elephant Bush or Portulacaria afra is an interesting succulent. This plant has beautiful white-green leaves. Their strings are stunning to run down the hanging baskets. You will get a beautiful display by growing it indoors. Most people like to add Elephant Bush to the window sill where it gets enough sunlight.

Elephant Bush

The best time to plant Elephant Bush is in spring or after the last frost. Besides, this succulent isn’t difficult to care for. It requires well-draining soil to grow maximum. Their strings can grow up to 20 feet tall and 6 feet wide. Most of them grow well in hardiness zones 10 to 11.

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  1. String of Nickels

String of Nickels or Dischidia nummularia is an interesting succulent. This plant has small round olive-green leaves. Sometimes, their leaves become bronze in hot seasons. This plant will bloom yellow and white flowers in spring to summer seasons. Therefore, it is one long-blooming succulent that you can grow indoors.

String of Nickels

Besides, it is easy to care for a String of Nickels. This plant needs partial shade to bright sunlight. It grows well in well-draining soil which contains alkaline. The best place to grow it is hardiness zones 10a to 11b. String of Nickels can grow up to 16 inches long and 24 inches spread.

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  1. Mistletoe Cactus

Mistletoe Cactus or Rhipsalis baccifera grow like a little bush. It looks dense when grown in a pot. Their green strings can spread and grow new little branches. Thus, it makes the Mistletoe Cactus a perfect hanging planter. You can grow it on the window sill or balcony and sweeten the display.

Mistletoe Cactus

Moreover, the Mistletoe Cactus is a low-maintenance plant. As a part of the cactus, this plant is drought tolerant. It grows best in partial shade to full sun. Most of them grow best in moist soil. Therefore, you need to water it regularly every week. Then, wait for their white-green flowers in the spring to summer seasons.

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  1. String of Dolphins

A string of Dolphins or Curio × peregrines is a cute plant. It has tiny leaves that look like a String of Bananas but have little branches. Their leaves look like tiny Dolphins on the green strings. This plant grows string down the pot. Therefore it makes a beautiful hanging planter for your window sill.

String of Dolphins

Besides, String of Dolphins is easy to care for. It loves bright to full sun. The best type of soil to grow String of Dolphins is well-draining and succulent soil. Also, it requires soil pH between 6.6 to 7.5. This plant will grow maximum in hardiness zones 9b to 11b. You will get beautiful white flowers in the spring season.

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  1. Donkey’s Tail

Donkey’s Tail is a very popular succulent. This plant has a botanical name Sedum morganianum. As a part of Sedum, it loves bright to full sunlight. Donkey’s Tail grows the green strings that resemble Donkey’s tail. It can be your best choice for a hanging planter.

Donkey's Tail

This plant also needs well-draining soil. It loves moist soil but can’t live well in overly wet soil. Therefore, wait for the soil to absorb water before pouring more water. If it gets proper care, Donkey’s Tail will grow faster. It even grows flowers in the spring to summer seasons.

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These are 18 Best Hanging Succulent Ideas for Your Stunning Window Sill. Most of them need bright sunlight to grow well. Therefore the window sill is one of the good choices. Moreover, succulents are drought drought-tolerant. It grows well in hardy conditions in dry seasons. Shortly, they are low maintenance and don’t need complicated care. Most succulents need more water during the first growing. After growing well, you can water succulents regularly or every week. Hopefully, this post will help you to care for succulents as hanging planters. Enjoy your gardening time and good luck!

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