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17 Stained Glass Decors: Bring A New Dimension in Your House

Druhomes.com – Stained glass is an interesting decor to make a beautiful accent. It has rich colors and details. The stained glass makes decorative windows when light passes through it. All of the coloured glass is stained and it is how the name comes. It uses various metallic oxides when the glass is molten. The stained glass accent is popular for decorative doors, windows, and other things. If you want to add stained glass to your home decor, here 17 Stained Glass Decors: Bring A New Dimension in Your House!

  1. Interesting Partition

The stained glass is an attractive accent to put on any room. You can design unusual things as well. This idea uses stained glass for partition on the ceiling. That partition elegantly separates the rooms. It is a big partition so people can see it.

Interesting Partition

It has colorful accents in circle shapes. You can make it interesting by customizing the details. This stained glass is a stunning accent for the ceiling lights as well. The lighting will shine on the stained glass. It creates a colorful reflection on the ceiling and surroundings.

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  1. Stunning Leadlight Windows

The stained glass is a nice accent for windows. Here, the stained glass accent decorates the door and windows above it. The details are attractive with colorful shades. These colors make this white door more alive. Therefore, the stained glass is an ideal choice to make a showy accent.

Stunning Leadlight Windows

Moreover, this idea is quite attractive. The stained glass has a stunning design. Flowery design is quite common for stained glass accents. You can try to install that stained glass for your front door or balcony door. This stained glass is more attractive with classic doors and white frames on it.

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  1. Orange Stained Glass for Classic Nuance

Orange is one of the striking colors. It brings a bright impression to the interior. Look at this idea. The orange stained glass is very striking for the entire room. The red wall is another striking accent in this room. Both striking colors are interesting to brighten the interior.

Orange Stained Glass for Classic Nuance

Moreover, this stained glass has an interesting pattern. The blue accents get flowery patterns. It makes the room stunning with those patterns. Look at this room. The sliding doors are attractive with showy accents. This home library brings an eccentric mood with the stained glass.

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  1. Stained Glass Windows x Royal Purple Accents

The purple color is very elegant for the bedroom interior. It will enliven the room and bring a new impression. If you want to redecorate your bedroom then try this idea. The purple bed is quite striking for a big accent. The white sheets are a nice contrast to the bed.

Stained Glass Windows x Royal Purple Accents

Meanwhile, there are big stained glass windows on the wall. You can make it as a regular window or just a decoration. The tiny details are amazing with colorful shades. Also, the curvy top will make it eccentric. Moreover, this bedroom is more stunning with many green plants.

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  1. Curvy Partition for Separate the Rooms

This is an attractive design with a curvy partition. The partition is quite stunning with colorful details. It uses the stained glass accent. That artistic accent will bring a new impression to separate the rooms. Look at this idea. The stained glass partition has nice details on the curvy line.

Curvy Partition for Separate the Rooms

Moreover, this room has a nice white theme. The colorful partition makes it more alive. The green plants are quite helpful for this room. Those beautiful accents will bring a stunning design. It is more interesting with some windows as well.

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  1. Elegant Stained Glass Windows in the Kitchen

The stained glass material is useful for any room. It makes a sweet accent in the kitchen as well. You can install some stained glass windows to get a colorful interior. Look at this idea. The stained glass accents bring a warm impression to this kitchen. There are bold colors like bold orange, brown, and black.

Elegant Stained Glass Windows in the Kitchen

Also, this kitchen has stunning decor. The sink is interesting with its rusty color. It looks attractive with some plants on the countertop as well. You can bring flowery accents to this room by using the stained glass. The sunlight will get through the stained glass and sweeten the interior.

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  1. Stained Glass Decorating in the Home Office

A home office is an optional room to add to a house. You can design it with some stunning accents. Stained glass can be a nice solution for you. This room is very attractive with the stained glass. It looks dense with many green plants.

Stained Glass Decorating in the Home Office

Moreover, the brown wooden furniture is suitable for the natural nuance. Also, the striking pink chair will make a focal point in this room. Then, look at the wall. You will find colorful stained glass accents. Every accent makes a perfect flower pattern on the wall.

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  1. Rainbow Stained Glass

The stained glass accent is useful for any room. This window is interesting with stained glass. The rainbow-stained glass will bring a new impression inside this room. It looks fresh and colorful when sunlight gets through it. Those windows are interesting to be your chilling area.

Rainbow Stained Glass

You can put a chair near the window. Then, add a coffee table if you want to put some things. It is more comfortable to add a standing light to brighten this spot at night. Moreover, this spot is quite interesting for decorating your exterior as well. People will see the colorful accents on your windows.

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  1. Stained Glass Window for Bathroom

The bathroom is a must-have room in every house. Some people like to decorate it beautifully. This bathroom gets stunning stained glass. That glass has colorful accents and unique shapes. Like common designs, this stained glass has flowery patterns.

Stained Glass Window for Bathroom

Besides, this design is interesting to invite sunlight. These are nice colors that bring a colorful shade inside it. The stained glass gets the right position to brighten the bathtub. Therefore, you will get warm sunlight when taking a bath. This bathroom becomes more comfortable for your bathing time.

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  1. Best Greenery Stained Glass

Green accents are interesting for decorating a room. You can get some green accents by installing stained glass. This idea is stunning with green stained glass accents on the door. It consists of absurd green patterns on the glass. The stained glass can be artistic or plain.

Best Greenery Stained Glass

Look at that door. The green stained glass decorates the door beautifully. The frame is unique with curvy shapes. You can make it as a door for the kitchen or dining room. Moreover, you can put green plants near those doors. It will strengthen the visual of green stained glass.

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  1. Stained Glass for Bohemian Living Room

The Bohemian design is very popular for home design. It looks striking with eccentric colors and patterns. The Bohemian design will enliven your interior design. Look at this living room. There are rich colors that decorate every spot. It even has stained glass on the wall.

Stained Glass for Bohemian Living Room

That accent is very helpful to make a colorful ambiance in this room. Sunlight will get into the room beautifully. Meanwhile, the living room also has a striking interior. There is colorful furniture like a blue couch and an orange table. It looks sweet with colorful cushions.

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  1. A Colorful Wall for Entryway

An entryway can be an interesting part of entering your house. Therefore, you can decorate it with stained glass. This idea will inspire you with stained glass on windows. That window uses frames with many squares. Some glass on the squares are yellow, green, blue, etc.

A Colorful Wall for Entryway

Meanwhile, other glass is transparent and clean. This stained glass window makes a colorful design for the interior. Look at this entryway. The shoe rack has an orange-yellow ambiance from the stained glass window. It looks warm and natural.

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  1. Charming Kitchen with Luminous Stained Glass

The kitchen interior is something you need to consider. Maybe it needs a fresh accent like stained glass accents. Look at this kitchen. This classic kitchen is very stunning with bold colors. The stained glass windows match the dark blue cabinet and white countertop.

Charming Kitchen with Luminous Stained Glass

The windows are colorful with flowery patterns. It brings beautiful accents to the plain windows. Moreover, the upper parts get a curvy stained glass. Also, there are flowers on the countertop. For more accents, you can add bluish tiles on the wall as a backsplash.

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  1. Futuristic Stained Glass Mosaic

The stained glass accent is very attractive. You can get any design that fits your interior. This is a futuristic stained glass mosaic. It has an elegant design with a geometrical mosaic. Every pattern has different colors.

Futuristic Stained Glass Mosaic

Besides, this stained glass creates a colorful nuance. It combines many colorful accents on the wall. Look at that living room. It looks dark with lots of plants. Also, you can put stunning leather furniture in that room. For styling up, add colorful cushions on the sofa.

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  1. Enchanting Stained Glass Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the best rooms to get stained glass. The stained glass is useful to invite a warm nuance. Look at this bathroom. The colorful stained glass decorates some big windows. You can’t open those windows but their colorful accents are enough to invite sunlight.

Enchanting Stained Glass Bathroom

Since it uses stained glass, the sunlight reflection is also colorful. The stained glass accents also complete the bathroom interior. Also, it is more stunning with lots of green plants as well. It makes your bathroom look natural and shady.

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  1. Sunflower Sanctuary with Stained Glass

The sunflower interior is quite striking. You can try this idea if you need a brighter room. This room is interesting with orange stained glass. There is stained glass on every corner. Look at this idea. The sunflower accents are on the windows.

Sunflower Sanctuary with Stained Glass

Also, the sunflower accents decorate the ceiling and floor as well. This decoration is more stunning with orange furniture. That design is quite striking with colorful patterns. You can make it natural with real sunflowers in this room. It is interesting to thrive on some sunflowers near the sunny windows.

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  1. Glam Futuristic Stained Glass x Bold Colors

The glam futuristic stained glass will bring elegant into your room. It brings a darker nuance to every room. Also, it uses bold colors to make the interior more lively. Look at this idea. The stained glass is elegant on the windows. There are colorful accents in geometrical lines that reflect sunlight.

Glam Futuristic Stained Glass x Bold Colors

Moreover, the furniture helps bring an elegant impression. There are black furniture that sit on the floor. Also, you will see the vibrant rainbow accents on that rug. For styling up, thrive on many green plants in this room. Those plants will bring a jungle-like impression.

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These are ideas for stained glass accents. You can put that accent on any room. Also, the stained glass is very useful for inviting colorful sunlight into the room. Moreover, if you need a brighter room then you can install the stained glass accents. It also has various textures. Most stained glass accents make blurry vision. Therefore it is a nice accent to make privacy as well. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to decorate your house with stained glass. Good luck!

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