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17 Colorful Bedroom Ceiling Ideas : Bring A New Nuance in The Interior

Druhomes.com – The paint color can bring a new nuance to your room. It creates an impression through their shades. Try multiple colors in one room and see a different perspective. If you want a fresh design, we have ideas for a colorful ceiling for bedrooms. Let’s see 17 Colorful Bedroom Ceiling Ideas : Bring A New Nuance in The Interior below!

  1. Dark Blue Ceiling with Yellow-White Lamps

The shades of blue are impressive. It is a fresh color to get something new. You can try dark blue paint for your ceiling. Coloring the ceiling will change the impression when lying in bed. This room also has dark blue paint behind the headboard.

Dark Blue Ceiling with Yellow-White Lamps

This idea has two main colors. The white wall is useful to lessen the dark impression. Thus, it can reflect lighting from ceiling lamps. Moreover, there are colorful accents that support dark blue colors. For example, the colorful pillows and blankets.

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  1. Unique Ceiling for Every Interior

Do you want a unique ceiling? This is a nice idea with some artistic colors. You can apply more than one painting. Then, make a simple pattern based on the colorful lines. Look at this idea.

Unique Ceiling for Every Interior

You will see that mustard, white, soft green, navy, and black are catchy. Every color represents a calm impression. Also, you can match it with a classic or Bohemian interior. There are geometrical accents on the bed. It has the same patterns and colors. Moreover, this colorful ceiling is more stunning with a striking chandelier.

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  1. A Modern Bedroom that Adapts to Everyone

The dark color is interesting to decorate your bedroom. You can try dark green. It can enliven the dramatic impression in the room. This color will adapt to any room size. Even, the narrow bedroom is fine to combine with white walls.

A Modern Bedroom that Adapts to Everyone

Look at this idea. The dark green paint is covering the ceiling and a half wall. The other walls are white. It brings the natural sunlight from the windows. Before attaching dark paint, it is important to decide the nuance that you want.

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  1. Dark Green Ceiling with Trims

Most dark paints will bring a gloomy impression. Not all dark paints are gloomy. You can apply other colors with lighter shades. This bedroom has a dark green ceiling. The color is too bold.

Dark Green Ceiling with Trims

It brings a striking accent compared to the white wall. The ceiling takes attention to the room. It matches the color lines on the wall. The white paint dominates the upper wall and the light grey takes the lower part. Both are stunning to match the dark green ceiling.

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  1. Purplish-Blue Ceiling for the Bed Area

Using a half-painted wall is a nice idea. It is challenging your creativity. Try to pick the purplish-blue color for your bedroom. You can remodel the ceiling with a little modification.

Purplish-Blue Ceiling for the Bed Area

Here, you can apply the white paint to another wall. It is a basic idea to lessen a dark impression in a room. Also, the white paint will add a light shadow to the wall. So, you can complete it with lighter accents, such as white blankets and pillows. In addition, apply the blue accents on the floor too.

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  1. Mono Color

It is okay to use one color in a bedroom. The mono-color is simple to represent the practical personality. This bedroom has a soft tea green. It brings a calming impression while enjoying time in the bedroom. Also, this color is easy to combine with other colors, like white and dark grey.

Mono Color

There are white bulbs on the ceiling. It hangs on the round trim. Also, there is a simple display too. You can attach a few frames with the same theme. It looks nice to match the bed and photograph. Moreover, you can let this room looks spacious. So, don’t put an ornate accent.

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  1. Bright Mustard X White Walls

The mustard color is another favorite color. It can enliven an energetic nuance. This color fits almost all colors. The white paint is the perfect choice for mustard. It brings a clean impression too.

Bright Mustard X White Walls

Thus, decorate the room with nice items. If you want to have a classic impression, then add timber furniture. Put a dark brown cabinet against the wall. Also, use horizontal blinds for the windows. Meanwhile, you can grow some indoor plants to support the natural atmosphere in this room.

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  1. An Earthy Nuance with Terracotta

Do you like a warm atmosphere? If you do, maybe the terracotta paint is the answer. This earthy tone color will bring a natural warm impression. This room has a few terracotta accents. The terracotta ceiling is the most striking accent.

An Earthy Nuance with Terracotta

The terracotta paint is covering a little part of the upper wall. Moreover, there are terracotta curtains. You can see the natural sunlight enlightens the inside. The soft peach color is perfect for this room. It matches the terracotta ceiling and won’t bring a gloomy impression.

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  1. Soft Pink Paint for A Clean Impression

The pink color is identical to the shabby chic room. This color will bring a calm atmosphere. You can attach it to your ceiling and add a catchy chandelier. The golden chandelier with white bulbs is interesting. It is a nice accent to decorate the pink ceiling.

Soft Pink Paint for A Clean Impression

Besides, the pink color is useful to create a clean impression. So, you need to pick the lighter shade. It connects to the white paint and other calming accents. Here, there are pinkish-white accents on the main bed. The white pillows are stunning to create contrast.

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  1. Dark Grey Ceiling X White Accents

Dark grey is a better choice for an Industrial room. This idea represents the elegant classic design. The dark grey covers all the rooms. Even, the vault is more elegant with dark grey. This dark shade can bring a calm atmosphere.

Dark Grey Ceiling X White Accents

Some people feel better in a darker room. Look at this idea. This vault bedroom uses a big large curtain to cover the windows. Moreover, the bedroom has an elegant design on every corner. There are a classic bed, bench, coffee table, and cabinet.

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  1. Enjoying Light Grey and White Walls

This is another grey shade. The light grey is a perfect match for the white color. Both are useful to deliver brightness. Here, light grey decorates the ceiling. It takes a little part of the upper wall.

Enjoying Light Grey and White Walls

Then, the white paint is covering the lower walls. Both colors have a clean line. It uses trim to split the colors. So, the white wall has a better decoration. There are some frames on the wall. Meanwhile, the light grey ceiling has one pendant light.

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  1. Dreamy Bedroom with Purple-Blue Paints

The blue color has myriad shades. This is a purple-blue color that covers the room. The purple-blue paint is interesting with white accents. There is white paint on every frame, such as the door and window frame.

Dreamy Bedroom with Purple-Blue Paints

Also, there are bluish accents near the wall. There is an absurd photograph and a blue cabinet. Moreover, a few ornaments on the cabinet are white. In the mid of the room, you will find a white bed with blue pillows. In addition, other furniture has purple-blue and white accents, such as chairs and vases.

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  1. Matching the Pink Ceiling and Accent Wall

The pink paint will enliven your bedroom. It brings a cheerful impression to your room. Let’s observe this idea. The pink paint is stunning on the ceiling. It looks nice to match any color.

Matching the Pink Ceiling and Accent Wall

White paint is a favorite color for something like this. It matches the pink ceiling perfectly. Also, the white paint gets some accent walls. The mustard-striped lines are interesting for decoration. Moreover, the soft colors for bedding items are stunning as well. They look better to put together in this room.

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  1. Soft Green Ceiling for Classy Bedroom

A bedroom needs something fresh. The green ceiling is an alternative to improve the natural atmosphere. There is a green ceiling with protruded accents. It can calm your mind while lying in bed. Besides, the green color can take any combination.

Soft Green Ceiling for Classy Bedroom

Here are the white walls. It has a new wall color behind the headboard. The pink vertical line is useful to mark your bed area. Also, it is beautiful with a macrame for a teenager vice. Meanwhile, the wall ornaments are simple. There is a wall shelf with small items on it.

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  1. A Striking Bold Pink Ceiling

Let’s try something new. It is bold paint on the ceiling. This room has a striking bold pink. Some people may think it doesn’t fit the room, but this idea is catchy! The white paint will do perfectly for the main walls.

A Striking Bold Pink Ceiling

Also, the blue accents like a bed frame and door are good. Both are useful to create contrast. Moreover, you can use other bold accents, like a dark purple comforter, a natural wall shelf, and golden light on the sides. These accents will change the interior more impressive.

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  1. Brave Design with Red X Grey

It is a bold idea. The bold red is a brave color. It emerges a strong emotion. Also, red is a nice choice for an elegant room. This bedroom has a bold red ceiling.

Brave Design with Red X Grey

Moreover, there is a dark grey that decorates the whole walls. Even, the door and window are grey. It has an opposite shade to red, but both are impressive. You can pair them in one room, like this idea. Meanwhile, the bed should adjust the grey theme, if you want to create an elegant impression.

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  1. Ocean Blue Ceiling Against the Shining Windows

Let’s jump to fresh ceiling paint. This is an ocean blue shade. It adapts to the color of the fresh ocean. So, you will feel calm when seeing this color. You can lay on the comfy bed while enjoying daydreaming.

Ocean Blue Ceiling Against the Shining Windows

Furthermore, this bedroom has white paint for the textural walls. Next to the wall, there is a long curtain that covers a large window. You can pull the curtain to get warm sunlight. It will shine the white room better. In addition, his bedroom is more stunning with a natural wooden floor.

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Thus are 17 Colorful Ceiling Bedroom Ideas : Bring A New Nuance in The Interior. Every color brings a different nuance. Also, you can apply another color to create a new design. Use the color shades to represent your style. Also, decide the impression that you want to build in the room. Then, pick the best paint color. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to paint the bedroom ceiling. Happy decorating!

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