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19 Succulent Ideas to Beautify Your Bathroom Decoration

Druhomes.com – The succulent is an attractive plant to grow indoors and outdoors. It has a desert-like atmosphere that will transform the interior. Succulents have various types and colors. Thus, you can take the most attractive succulent for your bathroom. The common bathroom plants are the bird of paradise plant, ferns, Monstera plant, and pothos plant. Then, by thriving succulents in the bathroom, you will get a new impression. For that, in this article, we will discuss 19 Succulent Ideas to Beautify Your Bathroom Decoration. You can choose and combine various ideas that we will discuss for your bathroom. In addition, you can also adjust it to the style of the bathroom you have. For that, let’s discuss!

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a versatile plant to go for indoors and outdoors. This plant has thorny stems along the edges. Also, the tick stems from Aloe Vera makes it can grow steadily. It is attractive to bring Aloe Vera to decorate your bathroom.

Aloe Vera

Besides, you can put more than one Aloe Vera plant as the accompanying. Since this plant loves bright indirect light, you need to put it in a sunny place like your window sill. You will find it interesting with its natural long stems. Don’t forget to water this plant when the soil is dry.

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  1. Snake Plant

Snake plant or sansevieria has some types. The popular type of snake plant is Dracaena trifasciata. It has yellow lines on the edges of each stem. Also, it has eccentric green patterns on its stems. Some varieties have different green shades, but it is okay to bring a natural impression.

Snake Plant

This plant is water resistant, so it can stay at a dry temperature. Besides, it needs water when the soil is dry. Thus, check the moisture soil by pushing your finger on it. It is the easiest succulent to grow indoors, especially in a bathroom. Snake plants can tolerate any place with adequate humidity.

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  1. Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money plant is a leafy succulent. It also has a woody-like stem. Every Chinese money plant grows beautiful round foliage on its stem. Also, it can grow new stems from the pruning node. Thus, the Chinese money plant still grows massively after heavy pruning.

Chinese Money Plant

This succulent is stunning to grow indoors. You can take it to your bathroom. For good care, put it in a sunny location. You can add a standing planter to help it reach the window sill. It will transform the interior of your bathroom with a natural atmosphere.

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  1. Bromeliad

The Bromeliad plant is a subtropical plant. This succulent has various colorful flowers. It has sword-like leaves that make it looks bigger. Bromeliad doesn’t require fertilizer or special treatment. It is a low-maintenance plant. Thus, you can take this plant as your bathroom plant.


Like other succulents, Bromeliad can live in a dry place. It tolerates a humid temperature as long as its roots don’t stand in water. This plant fits in any medium to grow such as potting mix with partial gravel on the surface. To help it grows well, you can monitor this plant every 2 weeks.

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  1. Rhipsalis

Rhipsalis is a creeping plant that fits any temperature. This plant tolerates a humid place like a bathroom. The key to growing them indoors is providing bright indirect sunlight. Then, it can grow more vines. Rhipsalis is a unique plant. Even you can grow new Rhipsalis plants from the cutting stems.


Moreover, the cutting stem is easy to generate new roots. As an indoor plant, Rhipsalis looks stunning to put on a hanging planter to show off the creeping stems. Like other succulents, its tick stems are beneficial to save minerals during the hot temperature.

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  1. Panda Plant

The panda plant is also known as Kalanchoe tomentose. This plant has pale green leaves. Also, this succulent looks like a woody plant. It is a stunning succulent to upgrade your bathroom interior. Panda plants can live in potting mix or rich soil. It will thrive well during the growing season like the summer and spring seasons.

Panda Plant

This plant needs well-draining soil. Also, it loves the bright indirect location. Thus, it is better to put it in a sunny window. If your bathroom has a glass window, you can put a small Panda plant on its window sill. Some Panda plants will grow more Scarlett spots on their leaves if it gets the right maintenance.

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  1. Flaming Katy

Flaming Katy is one of the Kalanchoe species. It is alos known as Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. This succulent has beautiful red flowers. Flaming Katy likes to grow in a sunny place. So, you can put them on your window sill in the bathroom.

Flaming Katy

This flowery succulent is versatile in any place. Even you can grow new flaming Katy plants by the leaf. The cutting leaves will grow small roots if you put them on the soil and water them regularly. Flaming Katy will bloom red flowers if it gets good maintenance.

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  1. Mammillaria backebergiana

Mammillaria backebergiana is a succulent with a purple crown. This plant has a tube shape with a thorny stem. Mammillaria has various types that you can find it easily on the internet. Most Mammillaria has flowery crowns. So, it is stunning to bring a desert-like atmosphere to your bathroom.

Mammillaria backebergiana

This plant needs more water during the summer, spring, and early fall seasons. Like other cacti, this plant loves full sun. It is necessary to put it on your window sill or another sunny spot. For a beginner, you can grow a small Mammillaria backebergiana in a cute pot.

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  1. Haworthia

Haworthia is a popular succulent for decoration. This plant has attractive patterns on its leaves. You will notice it from its silvery green lines. Haworthia is also known as the Zebra plant. This succulent resembles a mini version of Aloe Vera.


More than this, Haworthia fits indoor and outdoor environments. Some Haworthia plants have different patterns. To thrive this plant healthily, do a regular watering every 2-3 weeks. It needs more water during the hot temperatures and needs less water in lower light.

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  1. String of Pearls

String Pearls are native to Africa. This attractive plant has a rosary-like shape. Thus, it is easy to recognize this plant from the first gaze. As an indoor plant, you can thrive it in your bathroom. It looks stunning to decorate the upper part of the interior. Thus, it will be nice to install a hanging pot for thriving this plant.

String of Pearls

Also, this plant loves sunlight. The string pearl plants can grow more vines if it gets enough nutrients from soil and water. Thus, provide adequate water to stimulate their growth. In addition, using a potting mix or rich soil will well-draining material to keep them healthy.

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  1. Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm is a type of palm tree that grows indoors. This succulent will grow taller in a sunny location. Besides, growing it indoors is a good choice for decoration. Ponytail palm has a woody stem with bushes and leaves. It can bring a tropical impression to the interior.

Ponytail Palm

As a succulent, the Ponytail palm tolerates dry temperatures, but it is better to provide enough water for the soil. You can do regular watering during the spring to fall season. It prefers much light as possible. Thus, you need to put it on a bright indirect light to generate a healthy Ponytail palm.

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  1. Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus plant has a botanical name as Schlumbergera spp. This succulent is a flowery creeping plant. Christmas cacti can grow like a bush. Also, it grows various flowers like red, pink, purple, and white flowers on the top stems. Thus, you can add this succulent to your wishlist for the bathroom plant.

Christmas Cactus

This plant is interesting to fill the space in your bathroom. It will transform the atmosphere to look natural. As a type of cacti, this plant needs bright indirect light. In addition, it prefers a shady spot during the summer season.

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  1. Bunny Ear Cactus

Bunny ear cactus has a beautiful thorny appearance. The botanical name of this plant is Opuntia microdasys. The bunny ear cactus grow massive tick stems with white thorns. Like other cacti, it will grow well in well-draining soil. Thus, you can take it as your bathroom plant without worrying about watering needs.

Bunny Ear Cactus

This plant fits indoor and outdoor environments. Even you can plant this cactus in a sandy pot. As long as it gets enough water and sunlight, it will grow healthily. Since it is a low-maintenance cactus, it is fine to put Bunny ear cactus in bright indirect light or shady place.

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  1. Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone cactus is a unique succulent. It has a fishbone-like appearance. It can grow in a low environment like a dry place. If you care for this plant perfectly, it will be a vining plant. Thus, some people like to use fishbone cactus to decorate the bathroom as a hanging plant.

Fishbone Cactus

When you take this plant indoors, it needs bright indirect light. The option to grow it indoors is on the window sill and hanging on the ceiling. The fishbone cactus is a tropical plant from the rainforest, so it fits well in a humid place like the bathroom.

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  1. Ox tongue succulent

The ox tongue succulent is also known as Gasteria obliqua. This plant can live in dry conditions. Also, it loves a humid place to keep them hydrated. Thus, this plant is suitable for the bathroom environment.

Ox tongue succulent

Moreover, if you take a look at its shape, the ox tongue plant looks like a mini snake plant. The green-shade patterns on the stems are attractive. If you grow it indoors, you can put some perlite or rock on the topsoil to lock the humidity for your plant.

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  1. Sky Plant

The sky plant is an attractive plant that will attract attention. This succulent loves dry temperatures. Even you can water it by misting their roots. Some people like to hang this plant without any medium. Thus, you can choose this plant if you want a low-maintenance plant.

Sky Plant

Like its name, the sky plant can grow well in the air. As long as it gets high humidity, it will grow healthily. Also, you can stick it on another plant or fiber material. This plant has various colors, so it will add colorful accents to your bathroom.

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  1. Dragon Tree

The dragon tree is a type of Dracaena plant. It has a botanical name Dracaena marginata. This plant is water-resistant. Thus, you can grow it indoors or outdoors. Even the bathroom environment fits well for this plant.

Dragon Tree

Some Dragon trees can grow taller like woody plants. It has eccentric leaves and can purify the air. Like other succulents, the Dragon tree needs more water during the summer and spring seasons. Also, it loves well-draining soil to grow its roots without getting rot.

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  1. Zamioculcas zamiifolia

ZZ plant is an abbreviation for Zamioculcas zamiifolia. It is an attractive succulent that people like to thrive indoors. This plant tolerates any place, like the porch, bedroom, living room, or even the bathroom. As an indoor plant in the bathroom, the ZZ plant can purify the air.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Also, it doesn’t need much water since the environment is moist. You can water this plant when the soil gets dry. If you want to grow it healthily, put it in a sunny place. Then, it will thrive on new stems and young leaves.

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  1. Elephant Bush

The elephant bush is a leafy succulent with string stems. It has a botanical name, Portulacaria afra. Elephant bushes can be indoor and outdoor. Thus, you can grow it indoors as a bathroom plant. It looks stunning to thrive Elephant bush plant massively.

Elephant Bush

Moreover, this plant has a vining appearance. It will be perfect to hang the Elephant bush in an attractive planter. You can hang it on your window sill or install a hanger on the wall. Since this plant grows by creeping down, it needs regular pruning.

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Thus our discussion of 19 Succulent Ideas to Beautify Your Bathroom Decoration. You can create the succulent concept you want in your bathroom. This is because the succulent is an interesting plant as an indoor ornamental plant. Some succulents fit well to grow indoors in a bathroom. The succulents in this article mostly need bright indirect light to full sun. Thus, you can manage the environment first before taking them in. Hopefully, the list of succulent ideas for the bathroom in this article is helpful for you to get inspiration. Happy decorating!

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