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Absolute Best Spots To Setup A Fish Tank In Your Home

Whether you just bought your first fish tank or are looking to move an existing one, finding the right place to put it is important. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but for the wellness of the fish inside.

In this article, we are going to look at what makes a good spot to put a fish tank, then show some examples of good places to put one.

What Makes A Good Location?


So what exactly makes an ideal spot to set up a fish tank? Well, there’s a couple things to think about. Those are:

  • Accessibility
  • Sunlight
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Noise
  • Visibility


One of the biggest factors to consider is how accessible your tank is. We’ve all seen those photos online of fish tanks crammed into walls. Although they make for a stunning photo, when it comes to cleaning the tank, you’ll soon realise the mistake made.

When it comes to tank maintenance, keeping everything in the open is best. This allows you to do all your tanks “chores” as easily as possible.


The sun is considered the mother of life, harboring every creature with energy. But for fish tanks, exposing your tank to too much sunlight can be a bad thing. Be cautious of how much sunlight the tank will get wherever you decide to put it. The reason for this is because the combination of water and excessive sunlight cause algae blooms.

Algae blooms are the main culprit of a cloudy fish tank. And trust us when we say NO ONE wants a cloudy tank. So be careful on how much you expose your tank to sunlight.

One of the best ways to limit sunlight entering the tank is to keep the tank away from windows and other places that offer direct sunlight into the home.

Electrical Outlets

Another thing to be mindful of is how close your tank will be to an electrical outlet.

Fish tanks have many pieces of equipment ranging from the filter, heater, and lighting system. All of these devices need to be powered by an electrical outlet.

Generally you want to pick a spot that is 2-3 feet away from an outlet. You can choose to use an extension cable if no outlets are available, but be careful that water doesn’t drip on it.


In order to keep happy, healthy fish, you’ll want to make sure they’re calm and relaxed. Noisy areas do the exact opposite of this.

An environment with a bunch of noise is a horrible choice for a fish tank. The reason: noise stresses out fish. When fish become stressed, they run the risk of going into shock and dieing.

So be sure to pick a place far away from TV’s, speakers, doors, and any other sound producing devices.


Lets face it, setting up a fish tank is hard work. With that being said, pick a spot to show it off!

Home aquariums are huge crowd pleasers and will most definitely draw some attention. So be sure to pick a place that will make it stand out.

It’s also important to have a fish tank highly visible to reveal any potential cracks or leaks.

Examples of GREAT Locations for Fish Tanks

Now that we’ve see what to consider when choosing a spot to put an aquarium, let’s look at some examples of great spots to put one in.

Your Bedroom

One of the best places to set up a fish tank is in your bedroom. You’ll be in there a great bit of time, so why not put your tank in there?

It’ll be accessible and visible so you’ll be able to watch your fish swim gracefully for hours!

Plus who doesn’t like waking up to the sight of a beautiful aquarium with beautiful fish?

So if you’re looking to decorate your bedroom, consider adding an aquarium.

Your Living Room

Another great option to put a fish tank is in your living room.

Living rooms are generally the most popular place of the house so your tank will be on full display for all your guests. Plus, most living rooms have an abundance of electrical outlets, so powering your tank won’t be an issue.

The only downside to living rooms is that they can get noisy at times, which can stress the fish out.

Other than that, decorating your living room with a fish tank isn’t that bad of an idea.

Your Office

If you have a home office, setting up a fish tank in there is no braino.

Offices are generally a quiet space to get some work done so you wont run the risk of stressing out the fish with noise.

Offices also have a lot of electrical outlets, so you wont run into the issue of powering the thing.

So if you’re lucky to have one, consider decorating your office with a fish tank.


When choosing a spot to set up a fish tank, remember to keep it out of direct sunlight, easily visible and accessible, in a quiet spot, and near electrical outlets.

Wherever you decide on putting it, make it ACCESSIBLE!

Meet The Author

Hi there, my name is Gunnar Kennedy! I’m a fishkeeping enthusiast and owner of smartfishkeeper.com. I love sharing new ideas and helping others care for their aquatic friends!  I Hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new!

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