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19 Bohemian Accent Ideas To Create An Interesting Patio

Druhomes.com – A patio is an interesting area in a house. It is located in the garden or balcony. Also, a patio can be a private place to enjoy the day. Some people create an attractive patio with a Bohemian design. This design can boost the boring patio. It uses many Bohemian accents to create an interesting patio. Here, we have lists of Bohemian accent concepts to decorate your patio. Let’s discuss 19 Bohemian Accent Ideas To Create An Interesting Patio!

  1. Wooden Bench

The first accent is the wooden bench. Natural material is one of the characteristics of Bohemian design. Maybe you ever see the wooden bench on the patio, front yard, bench, and bedroom. It will bring a natural impression to your Bohemian patio. Moreover, this wooden bench is useful to be a wooden frame for a comfy bed.

Wooden Bench

Then, you can sit or lie on the outdoor patio. This place is comfortable to be your additional area. Even, you can decorate it with other accents. Adding more wooden accents can enliven a natural impression more real.

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  1. Natural Lampshade

The Bohemian design can fit any room. It looks stunning to show the natural vibe with lighting. Thus, you can choose warm lights that will bring an aesthetic atmosphere. Moreover, this lighting can enliven the traditional impression.

Natural Lampshade

In addition, you can use a whicker lampshade to cover the lighting. It makes the lights more stunning. Many natural lampshades that you can choose to decorate your lighting. The whicker patterns will create an aesthetic shadow on the outside. Thus, you can apply this lampshade to decorate your Bohemian patio.

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  1. Dim Light

The lighting is an interesting part of the house. Moreover, it is more functional to use in the outdoor area, such as the patio. If you want to create a dramatic atmosphere, you can use dim lights. It will bring a romantic atmosphere to the surrounding.

Dim Light

Moreover, you can put other dim lights in every corner. There are some candles and small lights on this Bohemian patio. If you want to create an aesthetic design, you can use a lantern to put the candle or lighting.

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  1. Cacti

A houseplant is an interesting accent. It is an additional part of home design. You can thrive on the indoor plant to create a natural impression. Moreover, the houseplant will grow well outdoors. Here, you can plant cacti to decorate your Bohemian patio.


Cacti can bring an outdoor impression. This plant has fleshy stems and thorny stems. You can grow some species of cacti. It will create a desert-like garden on your Bohemian patio. Also, you can grow other plants to accompany this cactus.

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  1. Raw Seat

The Bohemian design uses raw materials, such as wooden furniture. Besides, you can use another raw material. The dried grass seat is stunning to decorate your Bohemian design.

Raw Seat

You can also combine a variety of these raw seats with other concepts you want. For example, you can use a raw rug as a perfect complement to this idea.

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  1. Raw Rug

The raw material is interesting. You can use the raw material to improve the Bohemian impression. For example, this raw rug is attractive to decorate the floor. This raw accent can bring an outdoor atmosphere. It looks interesting to decorate your Bohemian patio.

Raw Rug

Moreover, you can add some Bohemian accent ideas to the patio. Then, arrange some Bohemian seats on the raw rug. In addition, add a wooden side table. Also, it looks fresh with the houseplants. Then, it is more comfortable to arrange some Bohemian pillows.

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  1. Whicker Chair

Bohemian furniture is attractive to put in your house. It has various colors and appearances. Then, you can choose your favorite furniture. Maybe the whicker chair will be perfect to improve your Bohemian patio. It uses metal feet with a rattan backrest.

Whicker Chair

Besides, you can match this chair with an attractive cushion. If you try to decorate the Bohemian sitting area, you can put a small table in the center room. In addition, a raw rug can be a natural accent on the floor. Then, don’t let this Bohemian patio looks boring. Add more Bohemian accents on the wall, such as wall ornaments, sunburst mirrors, and pampas grass.

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  1. Hammock

Do you like to enjoy the fresh breeze? If you want to get a cozy seat, you can hang a hammock. It is a Bohemian accent that will improve the aesthetic impression. You can hang the hammock between the trees. Also, it has a standing frame to hang the hammock in everywhere.


Furthermore, you can use this hammock to add a comfortable seat on the Bohemian patio. This seat is useful. Even, you can take a nap on the hammock, below the shady tree. Thus, add some comfortable pillows to the hammock. Moreover, you can put some candles or use the string lamp to brighten the hammock area. So, you can lay on the hammock at night.

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  1. Eccentric Wall Décor

The decoration on the wall is essential. It can improve the atmosphere in the home interior. If you have a Bohemian patio, you can display some eccentric accents on the wall. There are color plates and plaited art. The Bohemian accents are identical to the traditional ornaments.

Eccentric Wall Décor

Furthermore, the colorful accents are stunning to create contrast on the wall. It represents the Bohemian atmosphere perfectly. In addition, this colorful accent can change the impression in any room. You can match it with the colorful accents on your Bohemian patio.

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  1. Patterned Cushion

A Bohemian patio is an interesting place. You can decorate it with your design. For example, you can put some attractive pillows on the Bohemian seat. It is the key to connecting the Bohemian design and the eccentric accents. Even, it is more stunning to use patterned pillows with different color tones.

Patterned Cushion

Furthermore, you can choose attractive pillows, such as pillows with unique shapes. The blue pillow in this idea is stunning to create an accent. It fits well on the mustard comforter. In addition, this sitting area has some traditional lamps. Those accents are interesting to complete the Bohemian patio.

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  1. Natural Wall

Do you have an outdoor patio? If you plan to have an outdoor patio, then you should see this idea. It is a Bohemian outdoor patio. This place is interesting with its natural vibes. You can see the starry sky at night. Also, this place offers direct sunlight and a fresh breeze.

Natural Wall

Moreover, you can add a natural wall to separate the Bohemian patio from another area. This wall is made of plaited bamboo. It can be an additional element from nature. Besides, this Bohemian patio is stunning at night. Even, you can install some string lamps to create a warm impression in this place.

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  1. String Lamp

The lighting in every room is important. It can bring a certain nuance and enliven the decoration. For example, the orange lightings are useful to bring a dramatic nuance. Some people use orange lights to create a romantic place. Moreover, orange lighting is the general lamp color for outdoor décor.

String Lamp

Besides, you can install white lighting. It has a contrasting light with the orange lighting. The white lighting can bring an airy visual effect to the room. For example, the orange lighting is attractive to brighten the Bohemian outdoor patio. This lamp color is perfect to create a dramatic dim light in this place.

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  1. Long Chair

The comfortable furniture is a must-have thing to put on the Bohemian patio. It will make the decor perfect. Moreover, the attractive shapes are attractive. This wooden chair is interesting to decorate a Bohemian patio. It has a long seat to create a comfortable chair.

Long Chair

Some people use this long chair to enjoy the warm sunlight in the morning. Also, you can read some books or just sit and feel the breeze on the outdoor patio. Besides, this long chair is useful to gather with your family. It can be the best place to spend the holiday at home.

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  1. Patterned Rug

The Bohemian design uses more patterns for decorations. You may see lots of Bohemian patterns in any spot. For example, the Bohemian rug in this idea is the eccentric accent on the floor. It has a striking monochrome color. Also, the rug contrast with the concrete floor.

Patterned Rug

This patterned rug is functional. It can mark the sitting area and reduce boredom. Moreover, this patterned rug is perfect to add an accent to the wooden furniture. This monochrome rug is interesting to decorate a small patio on the balcony. Then, you can add some houseplants to this place.

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  1. Swing Chair

The unique chair will change the impression of a room. For example, the swing chair creates a cozy place to enjoy the atmosphere. If you have a semi-indoor patio, you can apply the Bohemian design. Then, install a swing chair to create an attractive seat.

Swing Chair

Besides, this swing chair has an interesting macrame backrest. Also, the plaited woven ropes are stunning to hang the chair. Moreover, this swing chair is removable. You can take it to any corner. In addition, put a comfy pillow on the swing chair.

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  1. Egg Chair

An egg chair is another unique piece of furniture. It is also known as a swivel chair, ball chair, and basket chair. This chair has a wicker pattern to create an egg shape. Then, this chair will provide a concave seat. So, you need to add a comfy and some cushions.

Egg Chair

Besides, this egg chair is interesting to put on the outdoor Bohemian patio. It brings an interesting impression of Bohemian design. Also, you can match this chair with other Bohemian accents. For example, the wicker rattan chair is a perfect match for this chair. Moreover, raw materials such as wicker walls and houseplants are interesting accents for decoration.

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  1. Comfy Seat

The Bohemian design is stunning compared with other accents. You can add some modern accents to your Bohemian patio. For example, the tufted bed is comfortable to put on a wooden frame. This bed can be an alternative place if you want to take a nap.

Comfy Seat

Moreover, this modern accent is stunning to combine with some houseplants. You can put some green plants around the tufted bed. If the plants grow like a tree, you will get a shady atmosphere on this patio. In addition, you can add some Bohemian accents as well.

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  1. Rattan Table

The rattan furniture is stunning to decorate a house. You can put the rattan furniture indoors and outdoors. If you want it to go outdoors, then choose the simple one. Maybe the small rattan table will fit the decoration. It won’t clutter the interior design.

Rattan Table

Besides, it makes the decoration perfect. This Bohemian patio has a simple décor in a wooden shelter. Then, the rattan small table will complete the concept. Moreover, you can add some green plants to add a natural impression.

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  1. Macrame

Macrame is a beautiful knitted fabric. Maybe you ever see this accent in a Bohemian room. This macrame accent is functional. It looks stunning to be a wall ornament, pillow cover, and hammock. Even, some people hang a macrame accent as a dream catcher ornament.


Besides, macrame can complete the Bohemian design. It is aesthetic and stunning. You can match this accent with natural houseplants and raw materials. Maybe you can choose the colorful macrame to create a striking accent.

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Thus our discussion of 19 Bohemian Accent Ideas To Create An Interesting Patio. The macrame accent is the last idea of Bohemian accents. You can find lots of Bohemian accents in every room. Then, you can adopt some Bohemian accents to improve the Bohemian patio. This cozy place will get a new décor and a fresh nuance. Hopefully, you can create an attractive Bohemian patio with the things in this article. Happy decorating!


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