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17 Under The Bed Storage Ideas to Create A Neat Bedroom

Druhomes.com – Under-bed storage is an additional decoration for the bedroom. It is functional to save your bedroom stuff. Also, the under-bed storage will declutter the bedroom design. Thus, the bedroom will be neat and clean. Most people use them under the bed to put some things. Maybe you can adopt this way by installing the under-bed storage. Here, we have the ideas for under-bed storage in this article. Let’s discuss 17 Under The Bed Storage Ideas to Create A Neat Bedroom!

  1. Bedroom Organizer

The bedroom organizer is an interesting thing to complete your bedroom. It will declutter your bedroom. Look at this example. This under-bed storage is made of plastic materials. It is common storage to save bedroom stuff. Also, there are many colors for the bedroom organizer.

Bedroom Organizer

Therefore, you can pick the best organizer that fits your bedroom decor. Moreover, this storage is portable. You can take the storage wherever you want. Also, it is easy to clean under the bed, while you take off the storage. Besides, you can see the stuff inside the storage by the plastic surface.

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  1. Multiple Storages for Beds

A certain house has multiple beds for family members. The beds are level up to the ceiling. Thus, this room needs more storage for every bed. There are multiple storages for the beds too. You can match the storage with the bedroom design.

Multiple Storages for Beds

Furthermore, the beds have the same decor. The grey bedroom theme is interesting to color the whole room. Moreover, the storage under beds is simple. It represents a classic nuance through its simple design. Also, the classic curtain will complete this bedroom design.

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  1. Round-up Bunk Bed with Storage and Bookshelf

This bedroom design is a double bed design. The bedroom is round up to the ceiling. It is made of wood. Thus, the under-bed storage uses the same material. There are three drawers under the bed. Every storage has a simple design with a black holder. Besides, it has a different size.

Round-up Bunk Bed with Storage and Bookshelf

Moreover, this bedroom storage has an additional bookshelf. The bookshelf adjusts the second bed. Thus, there is some storage on the bookshelf. You can load the book collection, ornamental plants, decorative items, and the additional basket. Even, adding the black wire baskets are stunning to create an Industrial accent on the wooden bookshelf.

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  1. Under-bed Storage for A Minimalist Bedroom

Two pairs of beds are useful to create an interesting bedroom. These beds are functional for a big family. Also, every bed has a stunning design. There is under-bed storage for every bed. The storage is on the bottom part of the bed.

Under-bed Storage for A Minimalist Bedroom

Besides, the storage has the same color and size. Like the bed, every store has a neutral color. The soft brown color is catchy to match the white accent. This bedroom has a nice design. There is a workspace near the bed. It also has wooden storage from the cabinet.

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  1. Under-bed Bookshelf for Book Lovers

Some bedrooms represent the dweller’s hobby. It can be seen from the decoration. Thus, we have an idea for bedroom storage. It is the under-bed bookshelf to load the book collection. Some books fill the horizontal storage.

Under-bed Bookshelf for Book Lovers

If you like to collect the book, you can try the idea to compile the books in the bedroom. This bookshelf will save space in your bedroom. So, you don’t need to install any cabinet or bookshelf. Moreover, this bookshelf won’t clutter the bedroom design. It will keep the interior neat and stunning.

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  1. Holderless Storage with A Natural Design

The Scandinavian and minimalist bedroom is simple. Most of them use neutral colors to enliven a calming impression. You can see the soothing design from the furniture. For example, this under-bed storage is a nice design. It has no holder. The storage uses a creative design as the drawers.

Bolderless Storage with A Natural Design

Moreover, this under-bed storage has a simple perspective. It even doesn’t look like the under-bed storage. The natural brown color will match the bed frame. This design is more stunning to combine with white accents.

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  1. Under-bed Drawers and An Additional Storage

The wood bed frame is an interesting accent in a bedroom. Most people use it to create a comfortable bed. Besides, this bed frame is giving multifunctional value as storage as well. There is under-bed storage on the left side. It consists of some drawers.

Under-bed Drawers and An Additional Storage

Meanwhile, the footboard area is useful to save some things. You can put some baskets in the footboard spaces. Moreover, this bed frame has a warm color. The warm brown color is stunning and looks natural. Otherwise, you can change the perish if you want to try another color.

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  1. A Pair of Under Bed Storage

The modern bed frame is functional. Some modern bed frames have storage. The under-bed storage can save your bed stuff and sort. There is a nice idea of under-bed storage. This bed has a pair of drawers as the under-bed storage.

A Pair of Under Bed Storage

Therefore, it can load more stuff under the bed. You can arrange clothes, shoe collections, or other stuff. This idea is a brilliant decor to hide some things without cluttering the bedroom design. Even, you can choose attractive drawers to suit your bedroom design. This idea uses the grey color and wood accents as the bed frame.

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  1. Wicker Basket for the Under The Bed Storage

The bedroom storage should make the interior simple. Also, it needs furniture that won’t clutter the design. Thus, you can use the wicker baskets to put under your bed. It is a classic way to create under-bed storage. Besides, this idea is easy to apply in any bedroom.

Wicker Basket for the Under The Bed Storage

Moreover, you can remove the wicker baskets when you need to clean the underneath. There are some wicker baskets under the bed. Every basket has a dark brown color. Also, it can load some things simply. In addition, you can make use of the blank wall and create a wall shelf.

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  1. An Additional Drawer for The Under Bed Storage

Many bed frames have extra storage under the bed. Then, it will create a simple design for the main bed. Despite this, you can add a drawer to create under-bed storage. It is a brilliant idea to install the drawers whenever you need them. Also, you can remove it if you want to remodel the bed frame.

An Additional Drawer for The Under Bed Storage

Furthermore, this additional drawer is functional to load clothes. Besides, you can install a big drawer to load more stuff. Moreover, it won’t clutter the bed design, because the storage hides under the bed. Even, you just see the black metal holder on the bed frame. So, this under-bed storage will complete your bedroom design.

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  1. Modern Bedroom with Black Storage

This is a raised bed. There are two beds with the same furniture. Thus, this bed frame has some under-bed storage for every bed. It adjusts the bedroom design. The under-bed storage has two drawers. Every drawer has the same size.

Modern Bedroom with Black Storage

Despite this, the bed has a different size. The upper bed is smaller than the lower bed. Also, the bed has a different position. This bed frame is suitable for a large bedroom. Also, the under-bed storage won’t clutter the room’s interior.

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  1. Wooden Storage Under The Bed

The under-bed storage is an additional item to complete the bedroom design. Even, you can use wooden storage to save your stuff. This storage is versatile and fits any room design. So, you can put it in any corner of the bedroom. There is a bed frame with spaces under the bed. Thus, add the under-bed storage in this space.

Wooden Storage Under The Bed

Despite this, the under-bed storage will add a traditional accent to the bedroom. The dark brown color will emerge the natural impression. Also, it looks stunning to match the white bed frame. Besides, this bedroom has some natural accents. There are ornamental plants, wood accents, and raw materials that connect to the under-bed storage.

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  1. Small Bedroom Storage Idea

The small bedroom has limited space for decor. Thus, it needs a simple decor like wicker storage. This is an easy choice to create under-bed storage. Also, you don’t need to install an additional drawer for the bed. It is a nice idea to get instant storage.

Small Bedroom Storage Idea

Moreover, this under-bed storage can load some clothes. You can arrange the clothes and fill the storage. Also, let it bare without any seal. Besides, it has another function. You can use it as a dirty clothes basket.

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  1. Drawer Storage as an Additional Bed

The additional storage is a nice choice to improve the bedroom design. Here, we have a unique design of a bed frame. This bedroom has three beds. The lowest bed is a drawer. You can use it as under-bed storage. Besides, it is also functional as an additional bed.

Drawer Storage as an Additional Bed

This bed has a simple design. There is no headboard or footboard. You can let it bear ordinary storage. Moreover, all of them are stunning. The main theme is the black theme. Also, every bed has some orange lamps. It will brighten the bed with dramatic nuance.

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  1. Teen Storage with Wheel Feet Organizer

A teenager’s room needs a simple design. The bedroom should adjust their hobby or interest. Thus, you can start installing some organizers as the under-bed storage. There are organizers in various colors and sizes. Then, pick the most functional organizer for the bedroom.

Teen Storage with Wheel Feet Organizer

Maybe you can choose the rectangular organizer with wheels. It is a nice choice for your collections. Then, take some organizers to save your shoe collections, clothes, or books. Moreover, there is interesting storage because you can create a neat bedroom design. In addition, you can add a bookshelf or wall shelf to load more things in the bedroom.

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  1. Wooden Bed Frame with Storage

The wooden bed frame is functional for a bedroom. It will bring a comfy nuance to the bed. Also, some wood bed frames have additional storage. There are various styles of under-bed storage. Here, we have an idea of the wood bed frame. This under-bed storage is a simple drawer. It connects to the wood bed frame.

Wooden Bed Frame with Storage

Moreover, the wood bed frame has a nice side table. It completes the bedroom design and creates additional storage. Besides, the under-bed storage has no holder, so it will declutter the bedroom design. You can arrange the blanket or clothes in the storage.

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  1. A Plastic Container for The Under Bed Storage

The under-bed storage is various. Even, you can use any container to create under-bed storage. Look at this idea. It uses a plastic container to save the bedroom stuff. This idea is suitable for any bedroom, such as the kid’s bedroom, teenager’s room, and the like.

A Plastic Container for The Under Bed Storage

Besides, this container is simple. You can hide the plastic container under the bed. So, it won’t declutter the bedroom design. Moreover, it allows you to see the stuff through its transparent material. Then, add this container to create a simple storage under the bed.

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Thus our discussion of 17 Under The Bed Storage Ideas to Create A Neat Bedroom. The storage under the bed is a nice idea to save the room’s space. So, it won’t take any place in the bedroom, especially in a narrow bedroom. Some under-bed storage is simple and removable. Also, there is additional storage that connects to the bed frame. Thus, you can take the best idea that fits your need. We hope this article will inspire you to install the under-bed storage. Happy decorating!

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