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20 Wicker Accent Ideas For Your Bohemian Living Room Interior

Druhomes.com – A wicker accent is an interesting technique to get a natural impression. It is an interesting element to create Bohemian furniture. Some wicker furniture is unique. It has a stunning design with a neutral color. Moreover, wicker accent has various styles as home ornaments. You will find it attractive to transform the interior. Here, we have wicker lists as Bohemian ornaments. Let’s see 20 Wicker Accent Ideas For Your Bohemian Living Room Interior below!

  1. Rattan as Wooden Furniture Set

Rattan is the common material to emerge the Bohemian impression. Many rattan ornaments to choose from for decorating the living room. Maybe you can pick this rattan accent. There is a rattan chair with a rattan table. It will be a nice choice to bring the rattan furniture into your living room.

Rattan as Wooden Furniture Set

Moreover, this rattan chair has an interesting backrest. Also, there is a natural pattern that will change the room’s impression. The chair has a simple design with a comfy seater. Besides, the table has a comfy seater as well. Both accents are stunning to decorate your Bohemian living room.

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  1. Wicker Lantern

Wicker ornament will improve the decoration in a Bohemian living room. You can start it by displaying a small item, such as a lantern. This wicker ornament is a creative lantern from natural materials, such as dried rope and rattan. It has a neutral color and a warm impression. Also, the wicker lantern can replace the old lantern shade in your home.

Wicker Lantern

This wicker lantern is interesting to decorate your living room. It looks stunning to put on the corner. Besides, the wicker lantern can match any light. It is even more attractive to use candles or small lights. Thus, you can add this accent to your Bohemian living room.

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  1. Decorative Table from Rattan

The common idea of a wicker ornament is the table. You can install a wicker table to emerge the natural nuance in your living room. This, wicker table has an attractive design and natural color. Also, this wicker table is interesting to match any interior design. It has a large size and can load many items.

Decorative Table from Rattan

Moreover, this wicker table is easy to move. You can take it to any place in your living room. It is more stunning to display with another natural accent. Thus, take the wood ornaments that will fit this table. Also, start decorating this table with a warm candle or an ornamental plant. This idea can improve the beautiful decor in the living room.

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  1. DIY Wicker Vase

The DIY ornament is a creative idea to boost the natural impression in a room. There are DIY accents to change the interior design in your living room. Maybe you can take this DIY wicker vase to load the ornamental plant. This wicker vase has an interesting shape. It follows the glass vase inside the wicker vase.

DIY Wicker Vase

Furthermore, this wicker vase is interesting to enliven a traditional impression in a room. This wicker vase looks stunning to load the dried plants. It will improve the Bohemian accent in your room. You can take it into a Bohemian living room and put it on the table. Thus, this wicker vase will complete the Bohemian accents in your living room.

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  1. Rattan is an Interesting Lampshade

The Bohemian accent is identical to the natural element and has an eccentric design. Here, we have a creative lampshade from rattan. This rattan lampshade has a unique shape. Also, every lampshade has a different style and wicker technique. Thus, it gives many options to you.

Rattan is an Interesting Lampshade

This Bohemian lampshade is made of rattan. So, it can form any design. For example, there is a wicker lampshade with a large floral shape. Also, the wicker technique is important to create a certain impression in a room design. Moreover, the light inside the lampshade is essential to support the natural nuance of the rattan lampshade.

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  1. Wicker Planter from Corn Rope

The ornamental plant is an additional ornament to boost the decor. It is an important accent to get a natural nuance. Thus, many home designers put ornamental plants in many rooms, especially the Bohemian living room. Here, you will find an interesting planter for an ornamental plant. This planter is made of dried rope.

Wicker Planter from Corn Rope

Furthermore, this wicker planter is the second vase for the plant. Thus, it only has a decorative function in the room. This wicker planter is stunning to load ferns and green plants. Besides, you can pick the best ornamental plant to support the Bohemian interior design. Also, it is more stunning to display other Bohemian ornaments in the living room.

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  1. Minimalist Bohemian Wicker Chair

The wicker furniture is stunning to put in a Bohemian room. It will be a focal point to improve the interior. Moreover, the egg chair is a popular chair to put in a Bohemian room. Thus, you can take it into your living room as well. This chair has an interesting design and a unique wicker pattern.

Minimalist Bohemian Wicker Chair

Moreover, the minimalist Bohemian chair will complete the room’s interior. It even can load many additional decorations, such as the decorative blanket and cushions. This is suitable to get a comfy corner. Also, you can use this chair to complete the reading nook.

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  1. Wicker Bag for an Interesting Boho Accent

The Christmas festivities are identical to the warm decor. Many Christians use the Bohemian accent to decorate their home during Christmas. Look at this Christmas ornament. This is the wicker bag. It can bring a warm impression to the Christmas home design.

Wicker Bag for an Interesting Boho Accent

Also, you can add this wicker bag to complete the Christmas decor on the wall or fireplace. Besides, this wicker bag is stunning to beautify the other rooms as well. It looks interesting to put this wicker bag on the table or display it on the wall. Moreover, you can complete this design with some flowers inside the bag.

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  1. Vintage Wicker Planter and Woven Wicker Basket

The wicker accent is functional to decorate the home. Even, you can use the wicker accent to boost the Bohemian interior design. For example, this wicker accent is vintage. There are a wicker planter and a woven basket. This planter uses two wicker pots to load the Snake plant.

Vintage Wicker Planter and Woven Wicker Basket

Moreover, there is an attractive wicker basket. It is a versatile item. You can display the wicker basket as a wall ornament. Also, it can be your fruit bowl in the dining room. Both ornaments are made of bamboo. It is an artwork to create a beautiful and functional wicker item.

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  1. Rope and Wicker Mirror

The round mirror is an identical accent for the Bohemian interior. It will be an eccentric accent in the Bohemian living room. Also, some people install this Bohemian mirror to get a natural nuance on the wall. This mirror is made of raw materials, such as rope, rattan, and dried grass.

Rope and Wicker Mirror

Besides, this mirror has various designs. Every style represents Bohemian vibes. Also, this attractive accent has various colors. So, you can choose the interesting mirror that catches your heart. Then, install this mirror on the wall or put it on the Bohemian cabinet.

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  1. Wicker Table for Bohemian Living Room

The Bohemian interior design is interesting to combine with other designs. There are Minimalist designs, Industrial designs, and Rustic designs that look catchy to match Bohemian style. For instance, this is a pair of wicker tables. It is a Bohemian accent to improve the natural impression in the living room.

Wicker Table for Bohemian Living Room

Furthermore, the wicker table has simple feet. It is a combination of Bohemian and Minimalist design. These wicker tables are easy to move. It looks stunning to match this living room. Also, this wicker table is functional. You can take the small table into another room to load some items.

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  1. Plant Stand from Handwoven Rattan

The rattan ornament has a bunch of interesting designs. There is the handwoven rattan plant stand. It has a natural design with a neutral color. Also, every standing planter is attractive. The curvy design is stunning to load the plants. This is an interesting idea to improve the plant decor.

Plant Stand from Handwoven Rattan

Besides, this standing plant is versatile. You can use the plant holder that matches the pot size. If you want to load a big pot, then use the biggest holder. Otherwise, this standing planter is stunning to hold the small green plant. There are Snake plants and other plants in the standing planters.

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  1. Woven Tray

Enjoying a cup of tea in a Bohemian living room can refresh your mind. You can do any activity to bring back the energy. Thus, you can complete this Bohemian atmosphere with a woven tray. This is a small accent to support the Bohemian interior. There is the serving tray set. You will have some small layers to the cups.

Woven Tray

Moreover, this woven tray has a warm color. It looks stunning to put on the Bohemian table. This woven tray has two holders. It can be your decorative tray as well. There are other ornaments on the woven tray. You can add an ornamental plant, candle, or room freshener.

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  1. Rope Vase for Decoration

The decorative accent will complete the room decor. There are attractive items to fill your Bohemian living room. Maybe you will love this rope vase. This is an additional decoration for any Bohemian interior. It is made of dried grass.

Rope Vase for Decoration

This rope vase has a natural color. Thus, it will fit any ornament. For example, this vase is put in a cabinet. There are some items with neutral colors as well. Then, the rope vase will bring a balanced perspective to Bohemian interior design.

  1. Candle Holder from Wicker Rattan

Some Bohemian rooms display many natural accents. It can strengthen the Bohemian impression in a room. For instance, you will love this Bohemian candle holder. It is an interesting accent to support Bohemian interior design. Also, this candle holder has a natural brown color. It will be a perfect match for any ornament.

Candle Holder from Wicker Rattan

This candle holder is made of rattan. The wicker technique is a perfect way to create a stunning candle holder. It is an artwork with a natural taste. Also, it has a hanger, so you can hang it on the wall. Moreover, this candle holder can load various sizes of a candle. Then, it is functional to use for years.

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  1. Dried Grass Baskets

The woven rope is a common idea to get a natural ornament. This ornament is made of dried grass. It is an interesting Bohemian accent to decorate a living room. The dried grass basket can enliven the Bohemian impression. Also, it is a simple ornament and easy to take into any room.

Dried Grass Baskets

This Bohemian basket is functional. You can use it as a serving tray, an ornament holder, and a tray for toiletries. Also, it is useful to install in your living room. It is simply put as a natural decor on a cabinet. Then, add other ornaments to fill the blank spaces near the Bohemian basket.

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  1. Bohemian Set Wall Basket

The wall is a functional area to display attractive ornaments. There are thousands of Bohemian wall decors. Maybe you can try this one. It is a set wall ornament. It consists of woven and wicker baskets. Every basket has an eccentric design.

Bohemian Set Wall Basket

Thus, you can take the most attractive ornament to decorate your wall. Besides, this wall ornament can enliven the Bohemian impression easily. The wicker accent and wood color are important to draw the natural nuance. Moreover, it looks more stunning to get additional accents. There are wicker baskets with macrame and woven ropes.

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  1. Rattan Sunburst Mirror

Rattan is a functional material. People can create any decor with rattan. Here, you will see the common Bohemian mirror. It is a sunburst mirror with a neutral color. The brown color can enliven the Bohemian impression. Also, the rattan material will complete the Bohemian nuance.

Rattan Sunburst Mirror

This rattan mirror is stunning to decorate the Bohemian living room. Also, you can use it as an additional decor on the cabinet. This mirror will be a focal point on the wall. The sunburst design is an eccentric accent that attracts attention. Besides, it won’t clutter other wall ornaments.

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  1. Wicker Rattan Table

A wicker table is a stunning furniture to get a natural look. It is made of rattan materials. Thus, this wicker rattan table can bring a Bohemian impression. Its brown color is stunning and natural. It matches any room design. It even looks good in a Minimalist room.

Wicker Rattan Table

Besides, the wicker rattan table can load many items. You can use it as a side table in your bedroom. It will decorate the bedroom naturally. Also, this table will be a focal point in a Minimalist Bohemian room. In addition, put an ornamental plant on the wicker rattan table to beautify the look.

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  1. Woven Rattan Serving Tools

The woven rattan is a stunning item to be your serving tray. There are serving tools to complete the woven tray. It is a small woven coaster and a trivet. Both are additional items to complete your Bohemian tray. Thus, you can use these items to serve a cup of tea with snacks.

Woven Rattan Serving Tools

Moreover, this serving tool will transform the interior. So, you can display this item on the table to sweeten the room. Besides, it looks more stunning to adjust the Bohemian room. Maybe you can add some flowers to the Bohemian table. It will be a perfect table for your Bohemian living room.

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Thus our discussion of 20 Wicker Accent Ideas For Your Bohemian Living Room Interior. The Bohemian ornaments are stunning. It has various creative accents. Even so, every Bohemian accent is eccentric and interesting. The wicker accent is one of the stunning items for the Bohemian living room. It is made of certain materials. There are rattan, bamboo and dried grass to create a wicker ornament. Thus, hopefully, this article will inspire you to find the best wicker ornaments to beautify the Bohemian living room. Good luck and happy decorating!

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